Toyota Camry Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Camry Price In Bangladesh – Is It Worth It?

ADDED: November 06, 2022

Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in the world and its cars are also accepted dearly by the people of Bangladesh. And the Toyota Camry is certainly one of their most liked cars among many models. So what is the Toyota Camry price in Bangladesh?

The price of a Toyota Camry in Bangladesh is around 48 lakhs. And it has a lot to offer at this price.   

If you also heard about the Toyota Camry and want to learn more about it then you are at the right place. Here you will learn about what you will get for this price in terms of features and perks. So, keep reading. 

Toyota Camry 2018 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry X 45 Lakh
Toyota Camry G 48 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 51 Lakh

Toyota Camry 2019 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry X 49 Lakh
Toyota Camry G 53 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 54 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS 55 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS LEATHER 57 Lakh

Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry X 53 Lakh
Toyota Camry G 57 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 58 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS 59 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS LEATHER 61 Lakh

Toyota Camry 2021 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry G 64 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 66 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS 68 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS LEATHER 70 Lakh

Toyota Camry 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry G 67 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 69 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS 70 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS LEATHER 73 Lakh

Brand New Toyota Camry 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota Camry G 68 Lakh
Toyota Camry G LEATHER 70 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS 71 Lakh
Toyota Camry WS LEATHER 74 Lakh

Toyota Camry Review & Specification


The interior of the car has a driver-focused design. You will find all the control that you need on the steering wheel. There is also an infotainment screen housed behind a glossy screen, which may reflect the sun and make it hard to read. With comfortable seats and a coffee holder, you can go a long way without getting bored. And to add to your comfort, there is also an armrest for the driver along with a storage capacity inside. 

Driving this car is also comfortable because you can move the steering wheel according to your convenience. You can also view the speed at which you are going and your fuel level through the steering wheel on analog meters. And it doesn’t matter if it is hot outside, you have AC to keep yourself as comfortable as you want inside the car. There is also the panoramic roof that you can open to let some wind in and enjoy the experience. 

All in all, this car has a lot of features to make your ride enjoyable.  


The exterior of this sedan is really eye-catching. You are getting your money’s worth, at least in terms of design. The Toyota Camry has a glossy black front grille that combines with the fashionable front LED headlights to express a stylish look. 

You won’t also be left disappointed when it comes to the rear design of the exterior. The rear side comes with dual exhausts along with quad chrome tips. You also get LED tail lights at the rear end that are sharp and do justice to the beautiful design at the front. 

Engine Capacity:

The Toyota Camry comes with a 4-cylinder engine and packs a powerful punch. You will get a smooth performance from this car. Handling should also be to your desire. When riding, you will be able to enjoy a great experience. 

Toyota Camry Engine Picture In Bangladesh

Seating Capacity:

Seating capacity plays a very important role if you are getting a car to travel with your family. The Toyota Camry Sedan excels in that regard. It’s a five-seater so you will be able to ride with your whole family. The seats are also comfortable and ergonomic, making riding to distance much more relaxed. 

Trunk Space:

The Toyota Camry offers abundant luggage space. This is especially helpful when you go on vacation with your family. While you travel with your family, you will have adequate space to take with you all the essentials.  

Toyota Camry Exterior Trunk

Safety Features:

When it comes to safety, Toyota has integrated a lot of features to make your journey safer. Its safety features focus on the well-being of the passengers, driver, other cars as well as pedestrians. 

The system helps the driver avert collision and also provide a number of other driver-assist feature to make the driving experience smooth. 

Toyota Camry-airbags-view
Performance 70%
Comfort 75%
Interior 85%
Features & Technology 90%

Toyota Camry Pros & Cons:

The Toyota Camry is a great car as you already know from the review. But still, there are some flaws. Here are the good and bad things about the Toyota Camry. 

What you will like about the Toyota Camry

What you may not like about the Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Available Color In Bangladesh

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Packages of Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has a number of packages to offer. Each one of them has something different to offer and each of them costs different. So, you should consider your budget as well as your needs while choosing one of the variants. The Toyota Camry packages are: 

Toyota Camry Hybrid Price In Bangladesh

The key difference between the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the powertrains. The Camry Hybrid also comes with a 4-cylinder engine, so it also packs somewhat the same power. Both versions offer different drive modes to the user, except the Hybrid variant has one more – the EV mode. You can expect to pay about 60 lakhs to get a Toyota Camry Hybrid in Bangladesh. 

(2022) Toyota Camry XSE Review

The Camry XSE has most of the luxury that the XLE offers along with the sporty looks of the SE. The XSE stands on 19-inch wheels and has gloss black grille on the front. 

The rear features a dual-exhaust system and has chrome tips. When it comes to the interior, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather and also has paddle shifters. In simple words, its sporty look makes it more aesthetically pleasing and when you combine this with the more features it offers, you get a better car than the base model. 

Toyota Camry XSE V6 

The Toyota Camry XSE V6 has superb passing power. This model offers many great features that will make you choose it over other average mid-size sedans. This car also has Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, which allows the driver to connect their smart devices to the vehicle. It also has a Toyota Safety Sense feature that informs about potential collisions. 

The car has a very stylish appearance and you can also choose from a number of colors. If you are someone who appreciates style, comfort, and safety, then this is a great choice for you. 

Toyota Camry TRD 

The Camry TRD is a Nightshade SE that is more sport-focused and has V-6 standards. While it is not as luxurious as the XSE and XLE, it is still the least expensive car that has the most powerful engine among the Camry cars. 

Its appearance is one of the most stylish you can get from the Camry lineup. There are black heated side mirrors and black window trim. And to add to the looks, the wheels are also matte black. So, if you are someone who is looking to ride something very stylish on the road, then this would be a great deal. 


How much is a brand-new Toyota Camry?

A brand new Toyota Camry in Bangladesh is likely to cost you around 60 lakhs. 

Is Camry or Corolla better?

Both Camry and Corolla offer a good mix of reliability, fuel economy, and power. Both of them are great choices. If you are looking for performance while you commute then the Toyota Camry is the better choice. And if you are on a budget or want something good at a reasonable price, then the Toyota Corolla is a better choice. 

Which is better Camry XSE or XLE?

The Camry XSE offers a pinch more torque and horsepower and is also slightly more fuel efficient than the other version in question. So, the Camry XSE is better than the XLE. 

Which year Camry is best?

The best years for Camry are 2001, 2006, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2021, and 2022. 


Toyota Camry price in Bangladesh is around 60 lakhs. This 5-seater car has a lot to offer in terms of features. And the design will appeal to anyone who is looking for a sedan to travel with his family. However, it might not feel like the best car you ever drove. Nonetheless, you are still getting a great deal. 

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