Honda s660 Price in Bangladesh

Honda s660 Price in Bangladesh: The Best Companion of Your Journey

Are you an adventurous drive lover, who is in search of a remarkable driving companion? You can enjoy your riding journey with the Honda s660 car. It is called a powerful roadster that will surely redefine your driving experience in Bangladesh. The Honda S660 is mostly reputed for its powerful technology, performance, and style.

So let’s deep drive know, that the current Honda S660 price in Bangladesh starts from 37 lakhs to 46 lakhs depending on its condition, Year of manufacture, grades, and other facts.

Here we’ve presented details of the features, price, and specifications of the Honda S660 so that you can make the right choice. Check The Other Honda Car Price In Bangladesh

Honda 660cc Car Price in Bangladesh

2019 Honda S660 Price In Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price in BD
Honda-s660 Modulo-X 37 LAC
Honda-s660 ALPHA 37 LAC

2020 Honda S660 Price In Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price in BD
Honda-s660 Modulo-X 39 LAC
Honda-s660 ALPHA 39 LAC

2021 Honda S660 Price In Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price in BD
Honda-s660 Modulo-X 42 LAC
Honda-s660 ALPHA 42 LAC

2022 Honda S660 Price In Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price in BD
Honda-s660 Modulo-X 46 LAC
Honda-s660 ALPHA 46 LAC

Specification of Honda s660

The Honda s660 is a well-designed sports car. It is designed by a Japanese company from 2015 to 2022. It comes up with a mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout design. The Mazda MX-5 Miata could be a good option for you.

            Engine and Performance

            • 3-cylinder engine, 63 hp and 658 cc turbocharged
            • 75 ld-ft torque at 2600 rpm
            • Mid-engine placement
            • 87 mph of top speed

            Transmission and Drivetrain

            • 6-speed manual transmission
            • 7-speed CVT,paddle-shifter technology
            • Alpha and Beta trim available
            • Rear-wheel drive facilities


            • Length: 3,395 mm
            • Width: 1,475 mm
            • Height: 1,180 mm
            • Wheelbase: 2,285 mm
            • Curb weight: 830-850 kg

            Key Features

            • Power steering with power windows
            • Keyless entry facility and LED headlights
            • Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port are available
            • Fully Air- conditioned
            • Push-button startup

            Safety Features

            • ABS or Anti-lock brake system
            • Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) system
            • Vehicle stability assist (VSA) system
            • Full traction control
            • Dual front airbag and side airbag systems

            Exterior Design

            • 15 or 16 inches alloy wheels
            • Sporty and amazing smart designs
            • Led Headlights

            Interior Design

            • Driver-focused cockpit with sporty seats
            • Touchscreen-infotainment system
            • Push-button start

            Overall, with the best technological support, you can enjoy a great driving experience with the Honda s660 cars.

            Honda S660 Top Speed

            The actual top speed of the car sometimes depends on some factors, like model, specifications, weather conditions, etc. The top speed of the Honda s660 is 87 mph, or 145 km/h.

            Honda s660 Turbo Price in Bangladesh

            The lowest price of the Honda s660 turbo in Bangladesh starts at 37,00,000 BDT. You can get this car now, as the new version of the Honda S660.

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            In 2023 Honda Japan Announced Turning off the production of the Honda S660

            Honda s660 Price in Bangladesh With Tax

            Based on previous research, taking the BDT 30,00,000 base price and a 50% tax estimate, the total cost could be around BDT 37,00,000 for the Honda S660 price in bd.

            Used Honda S660 price in Bangladesh

            You can find used Honda s660 in Bangladesh at a very reasonable price. The price of a used Honda S660 starts at 23,50,000 BDT.  The price of a used Honda S660 may depend on its year, mileage, condition, import duties, and taxes.


            • Is the Honda s660 a sports car?

             Yes. The Honda s660 is a sports car.

            • What is the fuel average of the S660?

             The fuel average of The Honda S660 is nearly 21-24 km/L

            • What’s the top speed of the Honda S660?

            According to the official source report, the top speed of the Honda S660 is 87 mph or 140 km/h

            • How much is a Honda S660?

            The Honda S660 price in BD starts at 37,00,000 BDT.

            In conclusion, the Honda S660 can be the best companion for your riding experience. With its amazing sleek designs, advanced technology features, and outstanding performance, it is worthy enough for adventure. It ensures your safety with the best ABS lock system and CVT system.

            I hope that this article will help you gain knowledge about the Honda S660’s price and specifications. Be with us for further details. Happy Riding!