Latest Honda Car Price In Bangladesh

Latest Honda Car Price In Bangladesh – Recondition & New

ADDED: January 03, 2024

Compared to other car brands,  Honda Car Price in Bangladesh are slightly higher. The Tax System of the country is another reason for the higher Honda car price in Bangladesh than in its place of origin and neighboring countries.

However since car customers in Bangladesh feel more luxurious and comfortable with the Honda brand, they are accustomed to enjoying different models of Honda cars despite the high prices. After the market leader Toyota, Honda is Bangladesh’s second most popular automobile.

In Bangladesh, Honda is currently an established brand. Apart from Toyota cars, people are also interested in the prices of Honda cars in Bangladesh. Honda’s BD clients may choose from a variety of automobile models. Honda City, Honda Vezel, Honda Grace, Honda HR-V, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, and Honda Accord are Bangladesh’s most popular Honda models.

Latest Honda Car Prices in Bangladesh

Honda automobile is something that the average middle-class person cannot afford. Upper and middle-class purchasers, on the other hand, are accustomed to purchasing these models. Honda car prices in Bangladesh can range between 20 lakhs to 70 lakhs depending on the car model, year, condition, and other options.

All Honda CR-V prices in Bangladesh

Year Current Price In BD
2018 46-49 Lakh
2019 46-52 Lakh
2020 51.5-55 Lakh
2021 56-60 Lakh
2022 62-70 Lakh

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DHS Motors is an authorized distributor of brand-new Honda cars in Bangladesh. However, the JDM Honda is also quite popular in Bangladesh. The Honda Vezel has recently gained a solid reputation as a cost-effective SUV.
Check the Current Honda Vezel Price in BD, its features, and its variants.

Honda Vezel prices in Bangladesh

Year Current Price In BD
2018 29-32 Lakh
2019 31.5-35 Lakh
2020 34.5-37.5 Lakh
2021 45-51 Lakh
2022 46-52 Lakh

History Of Honda Car Bangladesh

DHS Motors Limited was founded in 1994 out of a passion for sports automobiles. Honda car has been linked with DHS Motors in Bangladesh since then. DHS Motors continues to provide better and more modern Honda car models to Bangladeshi motorists today. With over 17 years of Honda car brand experience, they are well-positioned to serve Bangladesh for many years to come.

A longstanding partnership with Honda Motor Co., Ltd represents their mutual dedication to supplying the best automobiles to Bangladeshi clients. They are continually working with Honda Research & Development Tochigi Co. Ltd to provide a wide variety of models that are optimal for usage in Bangladesh.

 Honda Car Prices in Bangladesh

Model Name Engine Brand New Price Recondition Price
Honda Accord Turbo 1497cc 58 Lakh
Honda City 1498cc 28.5 Lakh
Honda Civic Turbo 1498cc 41 Lakh
Honda Grace 1498cc 20-36 Lakh

Honda Hybrid Car Price in Bangladesh

Engineers have tried to increase the fuel efficiency of the whole Honda vehicle portfolio since the launch of the low-emission CVCC engine in the Honda Civic in 1974. In today’s Honda portfolio, Bangladeshi purchasers may pick from a choice of cost-effective Honda hybrid Car models.

Honda has set a global goal for electrified cars to account for two-thirds of all sales by 2030, indicating the company’s sustained commitment to fuel economy. Below is the recent Honda Hybrid Car Price in Bangladesh.

Honda Insight Price in Bangladesh (2018-2023)

Model Package Current Price in BD
Honda-Insight LX 30 to 41 Lakh
Honda-Insight EX 32 to 45 Lakh

Used Honda Car Price in Bangladesh

If you looking for a used Honda car price in Bangladesh, sales adverts may be seen in newspapers and on websites like

The internet is a fantastic resource for learning about used Honda car prices in Bangladesh, and with the appropriate information, you can avoid the dangers of buying a used Honda automobile.

Various marketplaces/Facebook pages with a wide user base help link potential buyers and merchants to the website. Today, go to a website like this to choose the Honda automobile you desire and enjoy the highway!

Most Selling Honda Car Price in Bangladesh

In recent years, honda has been one of the most popular automobile brands in Bangladesh.  a large number of Bangladeshis have begun to purchase Honda automobiles. The Honda Vezel is one of the Honda vehicles that has attracted a large number of consumers.

Other importers have taken it upon themselves to offer to recondition Honda Vezel in Bangladesh, but DHS, the official distributor of Honda in Bangladesh, imports these automobiles.

The most selling Honda car price in Bangladesh fluctuates between 2,100,000 and 3,600,000 takes, depending on mileage, model, and feature. However, because there are no brand-new Honda Vezels in Bangladesh, this price is for a reconditioned vehicle


Which is the best car in Honda?

The Honda Accord has been dubbed “the most amazing Honda ever,” and rightfully so! This flagship sedan has garnered honors for just about everything, from the 2019 Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Award and the 2019 Edmunds® Best Family Sedan list to Kelley Blue Book’s 2019 Best Buy.

Midsize Car and 2018 Car and Driver’s America’s Best Sedan! When you consider the peaceful inside of the Accord models, which are filled with high-quality, practical features, it’s simple to understand why this sedan outperforms the competition.

What is the cheapest Honda model?

After the 2020 model year, the Honda Fit was discontinued, in case you didn’t know. It’s a pity because it was a fantastic car with a remarkable amount of passenger and baggage space for under $20,000. However, with the Fit-out of the picture, the Civic Sedan is the cheapest Honda on the market right now.

How many Honda car models are there?

They provide a variety of automobile models in the Sedan, Hatchback, and Compact SUV categories, as well as in the Compact Sedan category.

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