Honda Grace Price in Bangladesh – Specifications and Review

Honda Grace Price in Bangladesh – Specifications and Review

ADDED: September 06, 2022

Honda successfully established their brand in the Bangladeshi automobile market. If you are a car enthusiast looking for a Honda Grace price in Bangladesh, you have come to the right place. I will review in this article the most recent Honda Grace price in BD.

Here, I’ll go over the Honda Grace’s specifications with you. So you can get a general idea of its features and available variations. By the end of this article, I’m confident you’ll be able to decide whether or not to order this machine.
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Honda Grace Specification

Do you want to purchase a car for use in Bangladesh? The Honda Grace sedan will be the best option for you. Its 4440×1695×1475mm dimension will allow you to ride smoothly on a busy Bangladeshi road. Aside from that, its compact size allows you to park your car in a relatively small parking space. Its 590mm ground clearance will provide enough space to handle the monstrous speed breakers.

You can ride with five family members or friends in this Honda Grace. Furthermore, its interior dimension of 2040×1430×1230mm will allow you to sit comfortably and provide a healthy breathing space. With its 2600mm wheelbase, you will have a pain-free, comfortable driving experience. You will also get high-quality LED lights and six airbags to ensure maximum safety.

Honda Grace has an Atkinson-cycle 1.5-liter 1,496cc petrol engine, producing up to 132 horsepower. You will also have an Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) with a Lithium-ion battery. As a result, you can make 1.5 times more energy than other conventional models.

Let’s Check Out Honda Grace’s Available Colors:

Your engine can produce 134 Nm and 160 Nm torque combined with the hybrid motor. Its combined 139.5 BHP power will allow you to drive effortlessly on Bangladesh’s roads. You will also have a 6-speed consistent transmitting dual-clutch Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and an automatic braking system with your car. It will give you complete control over this beast.

Honda Grace consumes a reasonable amount of fuel compared to its engine power. This vehicle’s average fuel consumption ranges between 19 and 22 km/L. As a result, fuel costs will be pretty reasonable for Bangladeshi car lovers.

To purchase a Honda Grace, you must pay between 18 to 26 lakhs BDT. It’s a reasonable price for middle and upper classes Bangladeshis.
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Honda Grace Interior

Honda’s 2015 model Grace has more unique interior features and an elegant interior design than other 5th-generation vehicles. Aside from that, it will provide you with a touch panel and rear AC vents to automatically control the inside climate. As a result, you can personalize your internal environment to your preferences.

You will also have a 5-inch navigation display and a reverse-view camera with this car. So, you can navigate your vehicle more efficiently with these impressive features.

Honda Grace Interior And Cockpit Picture:

It also includes 8-inch high-quality speakers. As a result, you will have a fantastic musical experience. You can also use its Bluetooth option to listen to your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want.

To ensure your comfort, this vehicle’s front and rear seats have been lowered by 10mm and 25mm, respectively. Its 275mm legroom allows you to stretch and cross your legs comfortably while sitting in the back seat.

You can also fold down the back seats of your vehicle. As a result, you’ll have a spacious cargo area that can accommodate a 430-liter trunk for your luggage.

Honda Grace Hybrid Interior And Cockpit Picture:

Honda Grace Non-Hybrid

Are you a right-handed driver? Then Honda Grace non-hybrid GM5 is the best option for you. Its automatic transmission system will allow you to enjoy a smooth ride. Your 1500cc gasoline engine has a total mileage of 121,000km. You’ll also get keyless entry, power windows, and power steering.

Honda Grace Hybrid

This uncle-looking sedan Honda Grace hybrid car will deliver 140 BHP boy-racer performance. Its hybrid engines allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds. Aside from that, you’ll have three modes to choose from standard, econ, and sports. Its second-generation 7-speed dual-clutch transmission system will improve your handling performance.

This car will cost you less fuel than its numerous features and massive engine power. You can achieve 22 km/liter in normal mode with a full tank.

Honda Grace 2018 Price in Bangladesh

Model Hybrid Package Current Price In BD
Honda Grace Yes DX 22.5 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes LX 24 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes EX 25.5 Lakhs

Honda Grace 2019 Price in Bangladesh

Model Hybrid Package Current Price In BD
Honda Grace Yes DX 24 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes LX 25 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes EX 26 Lakhs

Honda Grace 2020 Price in Bangladesh

Model Hybrid Package Current Price In BD
Honda Grace Yes DX 27 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes LX 29 Lakhs
Honda Grace Yes EX 30 Lakhs

Difference Between Honda Grace DX LX EX Packages

Honda offers you three trim models to choose from LX, DX, and EX. Even though they are the same car, they each have distinct features. Let’s find out. 

Honda Grace DX Package:

This Honda base model offers both manual and automatic transmission options. You will have power windows, a rear windows defroster, a 12v power outlet, and a slim trunk release. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your air conditioning later on.

Honda Grace LX Package:

Do you want a minor upgrade? This model will further elevate you. You’ll get automatic power doors, an audio system, air conditioning, and a steering wheel cruise control.

Honda Grace EX Sensing Package:

All Honda Grace features are available in this Honda Grace Ex Sensing Package. You will have a remote trunk-release system, six speakers, one 12v power outlet, and a back window defroster distinguishing it from the other two models.


Is the Honda Grace a good car?

Honda Grace is an excellent choice if you are in Bangladesh. It has a smaller engine, a more spacious interior, and a more compact body. People prefer it because of its low fuel consumption and flawless engine performance.

What is the fuel average of Honda Grace?

Even though your engine and hybrid motor can produce up to 134 Nm and 160 Nm torque, you will spend less money on fuel. With a full tank, you’ll get an average of 22 km/l.

Does Honda Grace have a sunroof?

No, there is no sunroof in this model. Instead, climate control will keep your car at the temperature you prefer.

How much horsepower does a Honda Grace have?

This vehicle has 130 BHP power, and you can drive this car on any rough Bangladeshi road. So, if you crave speed, you have no choice but to purchase this vehicle.

Closing Words

However, a brand-new Honda Grace is unavailable in the Bangladeshi automobile market. But, you can purchase a reconditioned one from DHS Motors. They are Honda’s official distributor in BD. Your reconditioned car will be treated as the new one in this country.

You can select one of its variants based on your personality and needs. Honda Grace price in Bangladesh is lower than its features. So, if you are willing to spend 18 to 26 lakhs BDT, you can purchase your desired Honda Grace in this country.

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