Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh

Exploring The Best Deals: Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh 2023

ADDED: October 01, 2023

Are you actively hunting for the impressive Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh? No need to worry. Look no further if you are a car lover or a first-time buyer.

As a seasoned car enthusiast or first-time buyer, you must understand the pricing section of your beloved car models. If You want to buy the Honda Civic car model then you are at the right place.

In this extensive guide, we’ll provide you with both trims and features and valuable insight into the Honda Civic model. You can also get to know about it’s pricing details in BD. Let’s dive into the article.

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Honda Civic Review, Specification & Features:

Honda Civic car models attract people of all ages because of their affordability, reliability, special interior design, and fuel efficiency.

You’ll find the basic models of Honda cars with a four-cylinder engine. It comes up with a 158-hp 2.0-liter. The engine is designed with a CVT Transmission system. Compared with the other sedan the Civic has a fuel economy rating of 34 mpg.

You will enjoy your ride safely with a Honda Civic. It comes up with amazing safety features like a Honda sensing suite, cross-traffic monitor, advanced airbag system, etc.

Honda Civic 2023 Feature CarTheoryBD

Honda Civic Specification:

The Honda Civic 2023 comes up with some specific Features. These include:

  • Two body styles: a sedan and a hatchback
  • Engine: Four-cylinder engine with 180 hp and 177 lb of torque
  • CVT: The engine is combined with a continuous auto transmission system
  • Safety rating: Get a 5-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Honda Civic Features:

The Civic car has some eye-catching features, that will attract you towards the models. Including:

  • A posterior-view camera
  • A-7 and A-9 inch touchscreen entertainment system with Apple Carplay
  • A posy sound system
  • A wide sunproof and wireless smartphone charger
  • Advanced safety features like Honda sensing
  • Automatic Immediate braking system, Compatible cruise control system

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Honda Civic Price in Bd:

Though you are a first-time buyer you’ll find the Honda Civic at a reasonable price. The Actual price of a Honda Civic may vary on the models of the car and the dealer. The Honda Civic Price 2023 in BD starts from 3,700,000 BDT. The top-level Honda price starts from 5,200,000 BDT.

Honda Civic Turbo Price in Bangladesh:

Why Is Honda Turbo Famous in Bangladesh?

If you are a budget-conscious buyer, then the Honda Turbo is the best option for you. It is popular for its bulletproof engine transmission and also for fuel efficiency. As the fuel price is high in Bangladesh. It is a very reliable car.

Honda Civic turbo price in Bangladesh: 

The price of the Honda Civic turbo may depend on its trim options and level. The Price starts at 4,490,000 BDT.

Honda Civic Type R price in Bangladesh:

Why Is the Honda Civic Type r Famous in Bangladesh?

Honda Civic-type r car is a popular choice for car lovers. Because it is affordable with its powerful speed, Engine, and amazing reliability. You can enjoy your driving with this high-performance car. With a spacious interior, it is very practical for regular use.

Honda Civic Type R price in Bangladesh:

The Honda Civic type r price is very affordable for buyers. It is priced at 7,500,000 BDT.

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Honda Civic Hybrid Price in Bangladesh:

Why is the Honda Civic hybrid famous in Bangladesh?

The Honda Civic Hybrid is of great choice for Bangladeshi drivers. It is a very comfortable, well-designed car. It’s reliability, stylish look, and fuel- efficiency will definitely take you to another level of driving.

Honda Civic Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

The Price of the new Honda Civic hybrid starts from 4,200,000 BDT.

Used Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh:

Why You Buy a used Honda civic car?

If you cannot afford a brand-new Honda Civic, then you can buy a used Honda Civic at a reasonable price. As a car Honda car lover, you can buy a used Honda car. But make sure that, all parts of the car are well-structured.

Used Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh:

 You can expect the price of a well-conditioned Used Honda Civic price between BDT 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 BDT.

Brand New Honda Civic Price in Bangladesh:

With several updates, Brand New Honda Civic offers a price range from 4,500,000 BDT to 5,500,000 BDT.

Honda Civic fd2 price in Bangladesh:

Why Honda Civic fd2 famous in Bangladesh?

The Honda Civic FD2 is mostly popular for its amazing power of handling and performance. You can get a thrilling experience of driving with it. 

Honda Civic fd2 price in Bangladesh:

Basically, the price of the Honda Civic FD2 depends on the mileage and condition of the car. You’ll Get the car by paying 2,500,00 BDT to 3,500,00 BDT.

Price of Honda Civic in Bangladesh:

The Price of the Honda Civic varies on the model of it. The approximate price of Honda Civic models(2012-2019) starts from between 1,500,000 BDT to 3,000,000 BDT.

Discovering the Difference between Ex and EX-L civic:

What Is the Difference between EX and EX-L Civic?

Both the EX And EX-L Civic are famous for their features. If you know the differences between them, it will be great for you as a buyer. Let’s explore the point of difference.

  • Leather vs. Cloth: The Ex-civic interior is made with comfortable clothing seats. You may feel it cozy. On the other hand, the EX-L Civic comes with leather-trimmed seats.

  • Entertainment and connectivity: The EX Civic comes with a Less Entertainment facility. But The EX-L civic car combines some amazing features like an Automatic rearview mirror, fog lights, SiriusXM satellite radio system, etc. It will make your driving journey full of infotainment.
  • Pricing: With several great Fabulous features, the EX-L trim is more costly than the EX-trim civic.


Is the Honda Civic a reliable car for Bangladesh?

Answer: Yes. It is a perfect reliable car for anyone, anywhere.

Which is the best Honda Civic?

Answer: All cars including the Honda Civic are best for their features. But the Honda Civic Turbo and Honda EX-L are preferable.

Do Honda Civics have a good engine?

Answer: Yes. Honda Civics has a good and powerful engine.

Is the 2023 Honda Civic 11th gen.?

Answer: Yes. It is the 11th gen of the Honda Civic.

I hope this article will help you know much about the Honda Civic 2023. Happy car shopping!

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