Honda CR-V Price in Bangladesh

Honda CR-V Price in Bangladesh – Learn What it has to Offer

Honda is one of the most popular car brands in Bangladesh. The Honda CR-V is a versatile and affordable SUV that is perfect for families. It features a 4-cylinder turbo engine along with DOHC. It also has a spacious interior and a sleek-looking exterior. So, what is the Honda CR-V price in Bangladesh?

Honda CR-V price in Bangladesh is between 46 lakh to 70 lakh including tax. It depends on the various conditions of this vehicle. So let’s start with the latest CR-V car price in Bangladesh with available packages what does this car offer for this price? to check other honda car prices in Bangladesh.

Honda CR V 2018 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 46 Lakh

Honda CR V 2019 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 49 Lakh

Honda CR V 2020 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 51.5 Lakh

Honda CR V 2021 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 56 Lakh

Honda CR V 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 62 Lakh

Honda CR V 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Honda-CR-V EX 63 Lakh

Honda CR-V Review & Specification


The Honda CR-V has a captivating interior and the company has integrated a lot of features to make your rides amazing. There is a box between the two front seats that holds the gear as well as a few other things. The console box also has a unique style and the imported fabric was successfully used to make it look appealing.

The steering is wrapped in leather and it has a number of buttons that allow you to control various functions of your car. You can tilt the steering to your preferred driving style. There is also a dashboard with a multi-information display that will help you drive better and enjoy the ride.

The car has a spacious interior and leather seats for the comfort of the rider and his family. This vehicle can be a great choice for a family man as it has a lot of space for luggage. This is especially useful when you are going somewhere to stay and drive with your family.

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The exterior of the car looks very appealing. It has an LED fog light and a honeycomb-style grill. The bonnet is curved to make the car aerodynamic. The looking glass of the car is auto-retractable to make driving safer. And to add to the beauty and ruggedness of the car, the wheels are made of aluminum.

Engine Capacity:

The Honda CR-V offers two types of engine – a 1498cc engine and a 1993cc engine. Both of the engines are fuel-efficient and you also get a high mileage with them. 1498cc engine is typically preferred by many people, but those who like hybrid CR-V prefer the 1993cc.

Seating Capacity:

The Honda CR-V is a 5-seater vehicle. The seats are comfortable and also allow you to bend them to your liking and achieve maximum comfort with the touch of a button. There is a center armrest between the two backseats that also has a cup holder. Of course, it is only usable if you have two passengers in the backseat. Leg space in the car is also generous.

Cargo Space:

Opening the tailgate of the car gives you plenty of cargo and storage space. It has enough space to allow you to keep five pieces of luggage. The storage space expands even more with the foldable back seats, giving you space to store more things.

Fuel Consumption Per Liter:

The fuel consumption of this vehicle can vary depending on whether you live in a city or out of the city. In the city, you are likely to get 12KM to 14KM per liter, while, if you are out of the city, you may get 15KM to 17KM.

Performance 90%
Comfort 95%
Interior 85%
Features & Technology 70%

Honda CR-V Pros & Cons

What you will like about the Honda CR-V

What you may not like about the Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Available Color In Bangladesh

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Honda CR-V Turbo Price In Bangladesh

Honda CR-V Turbo is a direct rival of the Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-trail, and Toyota RAV4. This car has a lot of space in the interior and provides comfort to its inhabitants. The luxurious feel of this car will make all your journeys memorable.

This car has a turbocharged engine that combines with fuel efficiency and enhanced handling capabilities that make this SUV a great ride in any road situation. So, how much would it cost to own it? The Honda CR-V Turbo price in Bangladesh is between 55 lakhs to 56 lakhs.

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Honda CR-V Hybrid price in Bangladesh

The Honda CR-V Hybrid comes with power steering, a sunroof, an ABS brake system, airbags, a projection HID headlight, a fog light, power seats, an alloy rim, and rain shade among other excellent features.

This SUV is a 5-person seater and has an engine capacity of 1500 cc. So, how much is the Hybrid version of the Honda CRV price in Bangladesh? The Honda CR-V Hybrid is going to cost you more than 66 lakhs in Bangladesh.

Honda CR-V AWD Price in Bangladesh

The Honda CR-V AWD is a special edition SUV that provides you the option to choose from a number of colors. It has a 1.5L Turbo Inline-4 Gas engine capable of generating a lot of power. The vehicle comes with a ton of features such as a power mirror, cruise control, climate control, backup camera, ABS, brake assist, tire pressure monitor, stability control, and six airbags.

This AWD edition of Honda CR-V price in Bangladesh is more than 30 lakhs. 

Honda CR-V 7-seater price in Bangladesh

The Honda CR-V has a 7-seater version that, as you may have guessed, comes with two more seats. So, you will be able to take more family members on a trip with this car. The price of the Honda CR-V 7-seater ranges from 50 lakhs to 60 lakhs.

Honda CR-V EX vs EX Masterpiece

Both of them are manufactured by the same company. Both, the Honda CR-V EX and EX Masterpiece come with the same features. However, the Masterpiece has some more to offer such as the sunroof, two-zone climate control A/C, a big display, and a hands-free tailgate.


Is CR-V 5 or 7-seater?

The Honda CR-V comes as both a 5-seater and a 7-seater. You have the option to purchase according to your need and choice. If you have a family with more than 5 members, with whom you will be traveling in the car, then the 7-seater would be the better option. And for fewer members, a 5-seater is adequate.

Nonetheless, it all comes down to your need, choice, and budget.


The Honda CR-V price in Bangladesh is 54 lakhs. However, the price may vary due to a number of reasons. So, you can expect to pay between 50 lakhs to 60 lakhs for this car. It is an excellent SUV that will offer you plenty of room for the family as well as luggage. With its super-quality interior and brilliant features, your journeys are going to be amazing with this car.