Toyota CHR Price in Bangladesh

Toyota CHR Price in Bangladesh: A Fuel Efficiency SUV Car

ADDED: October 02, 2022

If you are in the market for a new car, you might be interested in the Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh. It will be your ideal vehicle if you want to buy a fuel-efficient, stylish SUV. 

The Toyota CHR car price in Bangladesh varies depending on its models and features. By reading this article, you will learn about the Toyota CHR price in Bangladesh, its specifications, reviews, and, most importantly, why you should buy this model of the Toyota brand. 

Toyota C-HR 2023 Model Available Color in Bangladesh 

Toyota CHR Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Toyota CHR Hybrid is a crossover car. It’s 1797cc (petrol-electric), a 4-cylinder inline gas engine, can produce up to 149 HP for you. So, you can quickly drive on any road in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, you must spend 25.5-46 lakhs BDT (obviously reconditioned!) to get one of the Toyota C-HR cars. Spare parts! No tension. Navana Ltd. in Bangladesh will provide you with quality spare parts.

Buying a Toyota CHR will benefit you by considering engine power, fuel efficiency, environmental issues, and many other unique features. Apart from that, it has a high resale value.

Updated Price List Of Reconditioned Toyota C-HR in BD

Toyota C-HR 2017 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR S  25.5 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G 28 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G LED  29.5 Lakh

Toyota C-HR 2018 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR S  28.5 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G 30.5 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G LED  32 Lakh

Toyota C-HR 2019 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR S LED  31.5 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G 34.5 Lakh
Toyota C-HR G MODE NERO  36 Lakh
Toyota C-HR S GR SPORT  38 Lakh

Toyota C-HR 2020 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR G  38 Lakh
Toyota C-HR S GR SPORT  41 Lakh

Toyota C-HR 2021 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR S GR SPORT  44 Lakh

Toyota C-HR 2022 price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota C-HR S GR SPORT  46 Lakh

Toyota CHR Specifications

Do you know 80% of the cars sold in Bangladesh are from the Japanese brand Toyota? Among these cars, the CHR will be the best choice for you to buy if you want a fuel-efficient SUV car at an affordable price. So, if you want a vehicle with good mileage, adequate safety precautions, and an intelligent security system, all smooth and functional a car, you should consider this one.

Let’s see some basic specifications you should know before purchasing one. if you want to know other Toyota car prices in Bangladesh read this one, you get a complete idea of the latest car prices in Bangladesh.

Basic Car Details of Toyota CHR:


Toyota CHR Review

Toyota has planned the CHR targeting the middle and upper-middle-class customer’s expectations and necessities. As a result, you can have almost the same features in an SUV model. 

This model offers you a unique style that can convey your persona. Besides its look, it has dual AC and climate control for your best comfort. Every corner of the interior is trimmed and arranged nicely for you. In addition, its unique color combination has made it different from other Toyota models.

You can ride on Bangladeshi roads like a beast with your Toyota CHR’s powerful 2.0L four-cylinder Inline Gas engine. This engine can produce 144 HP and 139 NM of Torque at 6000 RPM. With this much power, any road or terrain won’t be a problem for you. You can use Petrol and Gas as the fuel for this powerful car. Toyota has used the Valvematic technology, which uses continuous variable transmission to speed your vehicle up to 200 km/h.

Not only that, but you also get good mileage in this car. Although it is powerful enough, it consumes only 1 liter of Petrol to help you travel 26km on city roads and 30km on highway roads. It has a tank with a fuel capacity of 43 Liters or 23 Gallons based on what you are using as fuel. Therefore, you can get a few more HP and a bit better mileage if you buy the Hybrid version.

Toyota C-HR 2023 Model In Bangladesh

The CHR offers you every kind of safety feature you can expect both in a sedan car and an SUV. It has Disc Brakes on both front and rear wheels with ABS, which gives you a better braking experience.

Toyota has also equipped this car with Anti Theft Device, which gives you some extra security benefits. The CHR has enough ground clearance to avoid the bumps when crossing a Bangladeshi speed breaker and keeps your car’s lower parts safe and secure.

You will also get some other features with your Toyota CHR. Such as a Premium quality Sound System, power steering, power mirrors, windows, crash sensor, adjustable seats, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, USB facility, etc. 

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Toyota CHR Interior & Exterior

Let’s talk about your CHR’s excellent interior and exterior design. Its 172.6×70.7×61.6 cubic inches dimension offers you a comfortable leg and breathing space with five seats. Nevertheless, you get enough load space for your luggage if you want to go on a long drive with friends and family. 

You will get a sporty-looking stylish car by buying a Toyota CHR. Not only that, but you will also have an SUV feature with your vehicle. I’m sure its excellent color pattern will attract you at first glance. 

Toyota CHR S GR Sports-G Mode- Nero Safety Plus 2020

Toyota CHR S GR sports car is a compact size small family SUV. Its aerodynamic design and sporty look make it popular among youngsters in Bangladesh. Its compact size also gives you the agility to move on Dhaka’s crowded road.

Though a small car, you will find plenty of legroom for a comfortable ride. Its 2L four-cylinder engine combined with a hybrid motor can produce 182 Hp. So, you can drive at top speed.

Since it is a sporty car, it will consume reasonably less fuel because of its hybrid engine. As a result, you can drive 27 km/l on the city road in Dhaka and 31 km/l on the highway.

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Used Toyota CHR Price in Bangladesh

If you are lucky enough, you can buy a used Toyota CHR for 15-21 lakhs BDT from the Bangladesh car market. However, as it has a better resale value, you may try for a used CHR in case of a lower budget.

User Review C-HR Car In Bangladesh

Are you searching for the ranking of Toyota CHR 2022? You will find it in 14th place in the subcompact SUV category. However, if you search for overall scoring, you will find that of 10, it has a 6.7 rating based on 34 data elements and research pieces.

Toyota CHR has received global recognition and certification too. The CHR has got a 5-star rating by the globally known ASEAN NCAP. If security and safety are your priority, then, in my opinion, you should buy a Toyota CHR.

Toyota CHR Dimensions

Toyota CHR has a dimension of 172.6×70.7×61.6 cubic inches, which can accommodate 5 of your travel partners. Besides that, you will get enough room to breathe and enjoy comfort. 


After reading this far, you must have some questions in your mind. Here, I have tried to answer the most frequently asked online questions. Let’s explore. 

Which is best C-HR or RAV4?

Are you trying to figure out which car best suits you, C-HR or RAV4? The CHR has a more rigid look with edges. However, you can notice the interior of these two is quite similar, from their layout to technology. You can also find that both have the same features, like power windows and locks, Bluetooth streaming, and air conditioning. However, the RAV4 has little more. 

If you want to choose between them, you will find that the RAV4 is more potent than C-HR. Toyota RAV4 is equipped with a 2.5 L Inline4 engine that produces 203 HP and 184 Nm of torque, a bit higher than the Toyota C-HR.

You can travel 26 Km/L on city roads and 35 Km/L on the highway with your RAV4. This mileage is almost the same as the CHR on city roads, but you can travel more kilometers on the highway. 

Confused? Pay a visit to your nearby authorized Toyota dealership to enjoy a test drive of both cars and decide which one is better for you. Choose the one that offers the needed features within your budget.

Toyota CHR CC?

Toyota CHR comes with a 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder inline Gas- Petrol with a 1797 cc engine capacity. On top of that, in the Hybrid version, you will get a Petrol-Electric machine. 

Is Toyota CHR a Car or an SUV?

Some say it's a car and others say it's an SUV. Both of them are right! Yes. It gives you exceptional car facilities with SUV features. Are you not satisfied? Visit Toyota's authorized dealer points to see the surprise yourself.

Is CHR a good SUV?

Maybe or maybe not. Why? If you want to buy it as an SUV, you will get the look, engine power, and many features like SUV models. The only problem you will face is a manual gear-shifting system. But once you are in full gear, you will get the vibe of an SUV. And if you want to use it as a family car, it's more than expected. Moreover, the CHR has a comparatively better resale value.

Final Thought (About Toyota C-HR Car Price In BD)

In Bangladesh, you can not own a Toyota C-HR brand new model. Instead, you will have to go for a reconditioned one. But your reconditioning car will be treated as a new one in this country. So if you can spend 26 -36 Lakhs BDT, you can buy this car depending on which model or features you prefer.

I hope this article has provided you with essential information about Toyota C-HR price in Bangladesh. So, get ready and visit your nearby authorized Toyota dealer and get your desired CHR.

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