Latest Toyota Car Price In Bangladesh

Toyota car price in Bangladesh: Updated Price in 2024

ADDED: April 16, 2022

Toyota has become a famous brand in the last decade. This brand comes up with different categories of cars for both mid-range and higher-range budgets. Therefore, the Toyota car price in Bangladesh is different. You will find the Toyota cars within 13.5 lakhs; if you have a budget, you can buy the Toyota premium category car for 25 lakhs.

The Car Price in Bangladesh also differs for some particular reasons. You can buy brand-new cars, reconditioned cars, and modified cars. They are different in price and quality as well. Today, we will explore the Toyota car prices in Bangladesh and show you the best deals according to your budget.

Latest 2022 Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh

Toyota has introduced the most budget-friendly car in Bangladesh, the Toyota Corolla Axio & Allion are the two most famous on the list. It has become a new craze for young people. The car price and design attract people’s choice. You will get this latest car within around 16.5-35 lakhs BDT.

Apart from that, Toyota has some other models and car prices in their stocks. Let’s look at them all and know their worth in detail.

Budget-Friendly Toyota Car within 12 lakhs or 2 Million BDT

When you have a 16 lakhs budget and want to get a car, Toyota Fielder would be the best choice for you. You are going to have this car only for 16 lakhs, and it will give you all the facilities including Engine, design, and power. This price is an excellent mid-range and the most budget-friendly car price in Bangladesh. On the other hand, you can also buy the Toyota Aqua 2017 for 13.5 (Recondition)lakhs BDT.


Have you ever thought of buying a brand new Toyota car within 30 lakhs BDT? It’s not a dream anymore. Toyota has several options for you. They target the entire market and segment the market based on the people’s income and purchasing ability. They want to make sure that you have every choice within your budget.

These three are the best Toyota cars within your budget. They all are the best choices for you if you want to buy brand-new Toyota cars. You might have other options to buy in that budget. But these are the most popular and will give you pretty much everything you need to have in your car to drive in Bangladesh road conditions.

Mid-Range Toyota car Price in Bangladesh

Mid-range Toyota car prices are between 25 to 55 lakhs BDT. If that’s your budget, you will have lots of options in your hand. Corolla Cross 2022 is a brand new model, which you can buy for 48 lakhs BDT. The Toyota RAV4 2019 Hybrid for about 52 lakhs.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Rav-4

If you have a 30 lakhs budget and search for a premium category Toyota car in Bangladesh, no worries, you also have some excellent choices. Toyota Premio is available at only 27.5 lakhs BDT. If you can increase the budget, you will have more exciting options. Among them, It will be about 60 lakhs. It will give you the best quality driving experience you expect from an upper-mid-range car.

Harrier Precious Black Pearl
Harrier Precious Black Pearl

Harrier is another excellent product from the Toyota brand. You will find different prices for these cars in the market. If you love these model cars, you love the premium Toyota car; the Toyota Harrier non-hybrid 2019 would be your best choice. You will get them a 61 lakhs budget.

High-Budgeted Toyota Car Price in BD

We give you both budget-friendly and mid-range and upper mid-range Toyota car prices in Bangladesh. Don’t think Toyota doesn’t have any high-budgeted cars. They have all the high-quality and premium budgeted cars in Bangladesh for you. If budget is not a concern for you, you should check the Toyota car before considering other branded vehicles.

The Toyota Land Cruiser B8 is an excellent car from the Toyota brand. The price of this car is around 1.9 crore BDT. You can buy the car if you have a budget of around 1.2 crore.

Apart from that, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is another high-budget car in Bangladesh. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will cost you about 99 lakhs to 1.90 Crore BDT Depending on their Model, and Condition.

You have more choices from Toyota. You can spend more than that, and it will be worth your investment. Moreover, some brand-new Toyota Cars are also coming soon. You can check our sites or your nearby Toyota dealers. Ask them to inform you about the brand new upcoming cars from Toyota. Maybe, you can buy the best premium quality car shortly.

Reconditioned & Used Toyota Car Price in Bangladesh

Not everyone wants to buy brand-new cars. And it’s not possible either. In that case, reconditioned and used cars are the best choices worldwide. You can buy quality and budget-friendly Toyota cars from resellers or online platforms. In Bangladesh, reconditioned and used Toyota cars are the most popular ones.

Latest Toyota Reconditioned car price In Bangladesh

ModelHybrid/Non-HybridYearCurrent Price In BD
Corolla AxioHybrid201716.5 Lakh
AquaHybrid201713.5 Lakh
AllionNon-Hybrid201726 Lakh
PremioNon-Hybrid201727.5 Lakh
Fielder Hybrid201716 Lakh
CHRHybrid201725 Lakh
Rav 4 2WDHybrid201952 Lakh
Hiace Duel A/CNon-Hybrid201723 Lakh
Yaris crossHybrid202031 Lakh
Corolla crossHybrid202148 Lakh
Noah Hybrid201725 Lakh
VoxyHybrid201722.5 Lakh
EsquireHybrid201726.5 Lakh
HarrierNon-Hybrid201749.5 Lakh
HarrierHybrid201752 Lakh
Land cruiser pradoNon-Hybrid2017100 Lakh
Alphard Hybrid201765 Lakh
Velfire Hybrid201766 Lakh
Prius PHEVHybrid201721.5 Lakh
Prius PrimePlug-in Hybrid201731 Lakh
Sienta 7 seaterHybrid201719 Lakh

You can buy a good-condition Toyota Corolla for 20 lakhs BDT. You might find better options if you can increase your budget. You can buy the reconditioned Toyota cars within 17 lakhs BDT. These are all approximate prices. This price will depend on several factors, including the car’s quality, condition, usage, mileage, and more.

Whatever your budget is, you will find a suitable car for you. It’s a common occurrence for most of the world to buy an old model car at a very reasonable price. Mainly, people sell their used cars after using them for several years. Either they want to experience something better, or they wanna upgrade their existing vehicle.

In that case, they can sell their car on online platforms through advertisements or contact the reconditioned agent who does business with these cars.

What is Toyota's Lowest Price?

If you want to buy a Brand new Toyota Car, you have to spend around 30 lakhs BDT. The lowest brand new Toyota Axio 2022 car price is 23.5 lakhs, Toyota Corolla. This is the lowest Toyota car price.

No worries, you have options to buy the Toyota car within 17 lakhs only. You have to buy the reconditioned cars that are very popular in South Asian Countries. You will find the Toyota Corolla Premio only for 30.5 lakhs BDT. You need to keep your eyes on social media or the nearest deconditioned car shops.

When you have a budget and want to buy used or reconditioned cars, you don’t need to wait for anything else; go to a trusted retailer shop and ask them to give you the best available reconditioned cars. You might have more options and buy your dream car within a minimal budget.

Toyota’s lowest car price depends on your budget. If you want to buy a brand new Toyota car, you have to spend more than 23 lakhs. In contrast, you can only invest 13.5 lakhs BDT and buy a reconditioned car from your relatives or trusted reseller shops.

Which is the Best Toyota Car?

Toyota Aqua, Toyota Esquire, Toyota Allion, Corolla Axio, and Corolla Fielder are the best Toyota cars in Bangladesh. Before choosing the best Toyota car, you must decide what you want from your cart. Comfort, Quality Engines, Safe Driving, best drive? Anything else? Maybe you have your requirements to buy the best quality Toyota Car.

So, decide your priority first. Then decide which one will become the best choice for you.

However, the Toyota Premio is the best car in Bangladesh. It has enough space, better fuel efficiency, and excellent horsepower to meet your needs. It will cost you around  27.5 lakhs. Apart from that, you can buy the Toyota Corolla Axio. It is the most popular car in Bangladesh. It has pretty much everything you want from a Toyota car.

Toyota Noah, Esquire is one of the most popular cars in the country. These are budget-friendly cars and the seating capacity is much higher than other cars. If you need to carry passengers and official staff for transportation purposes then go for Toyota Hiace. To see the latest Toyota Hiace car price in Bangladesh click the link.

The price of the Corolla Axio car is also budget-friendly. You can buy this car for 17 lakhs BDT. It is another of the best Toyota cars in Bangladesh. You can buy both reconditioned and used cars online and offline. It will give you the best budget-friendly.

Closing Words

We give you all the required information to make a wise decision. You have different budget options. However, 30 lakhs is the ideal budget to buy a new Toyota car in Bangladesh. You can also find the reconditioned Toyota car, which might cost you around 20 lakhs BDT. So, whatever your budget is, you will find a perfect match.