Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh: Comprehensive Buying Guide

Are you searching for an Axio car to buy in Bangladesh? If your answer is yes, then this buying guide is for you. This article will inform you about the current Toyota Axio price in Bangladesh the different factors you need to consider before buying a reconditioned Axio car and the used Axio car prices in Bangladesh. So let’s start the Axio journey.

The Toyota Corolla, a well-known brand in many families for centuries. Corolla is well-known for being both enjoyable and inexpensive. “The price of a Toyota Axio car in Bangladesh ranges from 18 lakh BDT for a 2017 model to 31 lakh BDT for a 2022 model, depending on the specific model, variant, and year of manufacture.”

A well-rounded automobile that seldom breaks down and provides many kilometers of continuous service. Although, the new Corolla may have a different name on its badge. The Toyota Axio is identical to its predecessors and unquestionably a Corolla. If you are a big fan of Toyota, then read the Latest Toyota car prices in Bangladesh.

Corolla Axio 2023 Picture In bangladesh By-JDM

A Brief Details of Toyota Corolla Axio in Bangladesh

Since its launch in 1966, the Corolla has been designed with peace of mind, practicality, and ease of use in mind, resulting in a value that adapts to the times. With worldwide sales exceeding 39 million vehicles, the Corolla has become a national car in Bangladesh.

The Corolla Axio was intended to return Corolla to its roots. Axio was completely modified to have a smaller body for carrying four people securely and pleasantly over long distances. Resulting in a great match for tiny automobiles in the Japanese market.

The Corolla Axio is manufactured in the cutting-edge Miyagi Plant in Tohoku. Which began operations last year. TMC has designated this region as its third domestic production base, following Chubu and Kyushu, and will launch a new production subsidiary.

Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc., on July 1 to serve as a comprehensive vehicle manufacturer specializing in compact cars, capable of performing all functions from vehicle planning and development to production.

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Toyota Axio Hybrid Price In Bangladesh

Axio Hybrid car price in Bangladesh starts from 18 Lakhs to 28 Lakhs Depending on the Cars Year, Model, and Packages, we have added a list of all the latest Toyota Axio Hybrid Prices in  Bangladesh

2017 Toyota Axio Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Special Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X Old-Shape 18 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Key Old-Shape 19 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Push Old-Shape 20.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio X New-Shape 19.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Key New-Shape 20 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Push New-Shape 21.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio WXB New-Shape 23 Lakh

2018 Toyota Axio Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X 20.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Key 21.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Push 23 Lakh
Toyota-Axio WXB 25 Lakh

2019  Toyota Axio Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X 23.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Push 25.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio WXB 27.5 Lakh

2020 Toyota Axio Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Toyota-Axio X New-Shape 24.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G New-Shape 26.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX New-Shape 27.5 Lakh

2021 Toyota Axio Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X 25.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G 27.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX 28.5 Lakh

Toyota Axio Hybrid 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota-Axio X New-Shape 25.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G New-Shape 27.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX New-Shape 28.5 Lakh

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Outline Specifications Of Toyota Corolla Axio

Spacious and Compact:

TMC decreased the length of the Corolla Axio by 50 mm. While preserving the small body's high agility and expanding the rear knee room by 40 mm as part of the notion of a tiny car with ample internal space.

The minimum turning radius has been lowered from 0.2m to 4.9m. Making driving on small roads and maneuvering in parking lots and garages simpler.

Structural and design modifications provide a wide field of vision. Such as a widely rounded windscreen on the sides, a setback and smaller A-pillars, and side mirrors on the doors.

Interior Design:

The Interior can feel of exceptional quality. As soon as you open the door, with special care devoted to spaciousness and simplicity of usage. The center console has switched in naturally accessible areas and corners.

Easy-to-read numbers and symbols on the instrument panels, and a wide L-shaped door handle that is comfortable to grip. Resulting in a very practical interior with everything placed in a natural position. Direct line of sight.

Conveniently accessible front cup holders, door pockets, front and rear bottle holders, and coin pockets are available. Storage areas have been built with everyday practicality in mind. Natural kenaf is used for tray decks and liners, reducing the vehicle’s environmental effect.

Exterior Design:

Axio preserves a feeling of elegance and grandeur. This is linked with sedans by combining a practical and compact body with a creative and stunning design, ushering in a new chapter in the famous model's history.

The large front conveys the image and height of a luxury car. At the same time, the curved form on the side conveys energy, which is repeated in the tension used in the rear.

Outstanding Driving and Performance:

The 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE engine has been enhanced with greater fuel economy, decreased friction, and a new Super CVT-I that optimizes power transfer. The new Super CVT-i reduces shifting jolts for smooth acceleration and rapid responsiveness.

Furthermore, the integrated engine management system contributes to great fuel efficiency (Axio: 20.0 km/l, based on MLIT JC08 test cycle).

The Toyota Stop & Start System (an option on models equipped with the 1.5-liter 2WD Super CVT-i engine) is an idle-stop feature that automatically shuts off the engine at traffic lights. And also other temporary stops, further improving energy efficiency.

The new CVT sport mode allows faster acceleration, gear changes, and enhanced responsiveness to re-acceleration. Furthermore, the new G AI-Shift employs the car's G-sensors to measure deceleration and rotation force, allowing the AI to downshift automatically when approaching a turn and save needless gear shifts in bends.

Color Design:

Including the new Mellow Silver Metallic, the Corolla Axio comes in seven different body colors. Two interior color options for Axio are casual beige and modern gray.

Amenities Upgraded:

The heated and ventilated driver's seat (standard on the 1.5-liter Luxel Corolla Axio) provides cool airflow from the seat and back in hot weather and a heater to the operator's shoulders, back, and legs in cold weather.

A new technology that comes standard on the 1.5-liter Luxel Corolla Axio. It also allows the mirrors to fold and unfold simultaneously by locking and unlocking the doors. Eliminating the need to flip a switch while driving or getting in and out of the car.

In addition, when the car is in reverse, a new feedback feature automatically tilts the mirrors towards the rear wheels. Allowing the driver to see items such as parking spot lines. All Corolla models come with lighted mirrors to make working at night more convenient. Check The Toyota Corolla Cross Price in Bangladesh

The nano-ionizer air conditioner disperses negative ions in small water droplets via the driver's side vent throughout the vehicle interior. A new air conditioning feature also eliminates pollen from the interior with the press of a button.

Thanks to simple and intuitive steering wheel controls, the driver can adjust the audio system volume, pick songs, and perform other operations without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Performance at the Highest Levels of Safety:


All new Axio models have an omnidirectional compliant body structure that reduces body deformation even in accidents with bigger cars. Hoods and bumpers for pedestrian accidents have been included as additional pedestrian injury-reducing components.

Three-point seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters (front seats and left and right rear seats), WIL concept seats (Whiplash Injury Lessening), and an SRS airbag system with six airbags, including SRS side airbags and curtains are all standard.

Airbags provide updated Corolla cars with a five-star overall safety rating in the Japan New Car Assessment Program.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is standard on all models. It adjusts engine power and brakes to keep the vehicle stable during a skid. At the same time, Traction Control (TRC) allows for simple vehicle and throttle control during acceleration and pull-off to minimize wheel spin.

On some trim levels, the new High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Vision Assist Package combines numerous elements to improve nighttime visibility and reduce driver interference. The following are some of the features:

Latest Toyota Axio Non-Hybrid Price List 

Toyota Axio Hybrid car price in Bangladesh starts from 15.5 Lakh, we have added a list of all the latest Toyota Axio Non-Hybrid car prices in BD

2017 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Special Current Price In BD
Axio-NonHybrid X Old-Shape 19 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Key Old-Shape 20 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Push Old-Shape 23 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid X New-Shape 24 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Key New-Shape 25 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Push New-Shape 24 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid WXB New-Shape 26 Lakh

2018 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Axio-NonHybrid X 21 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Key 22 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid G-Push 25 Lakh
Axio-NonHybrid WXB 27.5 Lakh

2019 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X 23 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G-Push 27.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio WXB 29 Lakh

2020 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Toyota-Axio X New-Shape 24.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G New-Shape 28 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX New-Shape 29 Lakh

2021 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Model Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Axio X 24.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G 28 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX 30 Lakh

2022 Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

Toyota-Axio X New-Shape 24.5 Lakh
Toyota-Axio G New-Shape 28 Lakh
Toyota-Axio EX New-Shape 31 Lakh

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Recondition Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh

People believe this car to be significantly superior in the sedan category since it has a hybrid powertrain.  Toyota Aqua and Fielder were created with the same engine. Both cars are still available on the market.

Furthermore, the Axio automobile offered three distinct varieties with the same engine, but each variant’s unique qualities and functions.

Below are Axio Variants available in Bangladesh

Brand New Axio is not available in the Bangladesh market. All dealers import Reconditioned Axios from the Japanese domestic market. People prefer to repair automobiles in our nation since they are less expensive and virtually as good as new ones.

So The Toyota Axio Price in Bangladesh is projected to cost between 18 and 31 lakh Bangladeshi taka. Because the hybrid version is a newer model, it may cost more.

Difference Between Toyota Axio X and G?

  • Toyota Axio X is the lowest standard, while G is the greatest.
  • The Axio X  is equipped with an antenna. G doesn’t have an antenna.
  • Automatic climate control air conditioner G an AC. X did not.
  • The glove compartment of G is divided into two sections. There is just one portion to X. (optional)
  • The G model has a rear armrest. X, however, did not. There is a rev counter on each G. The X limited comes with a rev counter, while the X does not.
  • The interior of G Axio is semi-teak. The Axio G limited is made entirely of teak wood. X, however, did not.
  • Axio X’s front doors have only two speakers. There are four speakers in Axio G.
  • The doorknobs on certain X-Classes were nickel.
  • The instrument panel on most G models is white, whereas the instrument panel on X versions is black.
  • Teak interiors are standard in most G grades.
  • The Toyota Axio X was built in Thailand and sent to Japan. On the other hand, the G is made in South India and exported to Japan.

Used Toyota Axio Car Price in Bangladesh

The Toyota Axio is an excellent automobile for singles and small families. It’s also popular among business people because of its minimal maintenance expenses and high fuel efficiency. Most Toyota Axios brought to Bangladesh are JDM models (Japan Domestic Market).

Due to its reduced weight, it offers greater fuel efficiency than the Fielder. Moreover, all spare parts are inexpensive and widely available. Before purchasing a used Axio Car, you must study the used Axio car’s price in Bangladesh.

Cars must weigh the obvious disadvantages of driving against additional costs. Such as essential maintenance or replacing worn-out automobile parts like tires, batteries, and other components.

Ads for used cars are in newspapers and on websites such as By looking for used Axio vehicle prices in Bangladesh on, you can instantly get a list of used Axio automobiles.

Knowing the prices of similar used Axio models can help you get insight into the current market and make more informed decisions. You may refine their search by transmission type, model, make, body style, mileage, etc.


Is Toyota Axio Hybrid?

Axio comes in two flavors: hybrid and non-hybrid. The 1.5-liter 1NZ-FXE hybrid engine powers the Hybrid model. The engine is the same refurbished 1NZ-FE engine, but with an electric motor to help with the engine's early low-end torque, which is the least efficient. Toyota calls this technology Hybrid Synergy Drive.

It was inspired by high-end Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Furthermore, the engine is paired with a CVT transmission to provide 109 horsepower and 136 Newton meters of torque. The Axio may also be operated in all-electric mode for up to 20 km/h before the engine kicks in.

How many CCs is Toyota Axio?

The Toyota Corolla Axio is available with a front-wheel-drive configuration. The Toyota Corolla Axio is available with a variety of engine sizes, including the 1.3L I4 2NZ-FE, 1.4L I4 4ZZ-FE, 1.5L I4 1NZ-FE, 1.6L I4 3ZZ-FE, 1.6L I4 1ZR-FE, 1.8L I4 1ZZ-FE, 1.8L I4 2ZR-FE, 2.0L I4 3ZR-FE, 2.4L I4 2

The 1496 cc turbocharged I4 (1NZ-FE) engine powers the Axio GT. 150 horsepower (110 kW) at 6000 rpm, 200 Nm (150 lb-ft) at 4800 RPM, and a five-speed manual gearbox

Is the Axio a Good Car?

The seat is rather comfortable, with plenty of legroom and headroom. Overall, this vehicle would suggest to anybody. Who is looking for a dependable vehicle with high fuel economy?

What are the grades of Toyota Axio?

The Axio comes in three trim levels: Luxel, G, and X. It is also true for the Corolla Fielder (wagon version). However, the Fielder has a 1.8S trim option.

Final Words

Budget cars are notoriously tough to discuss. In most cases, because these vehicles spend most of their lives behind the wheel, where strong reliability is a vital and frequently stressed feature, the car does not disappoint.

Spare parts are readily accessible, and sheet metal shed experts can install them in no time, which is unusual when visiting the maintenance shop regularly. While New technology may improve the steering responsiveness, navigating through traffic with adjustment isn’t a hassle.

As a result, the Axio may be a good deal, and because it’s a Toyota, it won’t let you down in the long term.