Toyota Corolla Cross Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Corolla Cross Price in Bangladesh: A Super Sub-compact SUV

ADDED: May 14, 2023

Are you looking for an SUV car in Bangladesh for an adventurous ride? Then, the new Toyota Corolla Cross will be the ultimate solution per your money-to-satisfaction ratio. Recently, the Toyota Corolla Cross price in Bangladesh has increased by up to 5 Lakhs BDT, the cost of a new corolla cross price in Bangladesh starts from 42 Lakh to 52 Lakh. Still, it is the best mid-range SUV if you need one for your business or family.

I will review this fuel-efficient, affordable Toyota Corolla Cross in this article. Then, briefly discuss the Toyota Corolla Cross price in Bangladesh, handy and comfortable features, design, Hybrid option, and some most obvious FAQs to guide you through buying your dream Corolla Cross.

Discover The Unbeatable Toyota Corolla Latest Price In Bangladesh

Toyota Corolla Cross Specification

Toyota first debuted its mid-range Corolla Cross model for you in 1966. After its release, every year, they upgraded their machines. Its spacious interior, upgraded engine, and stunning exterior make it your excellent choice for business or family trips.

In the following table, I will mention some of its specifications, so you can have an idea before purchasing one.

Body Type


Base Engine Type


Fuel Capacity

36 L

Number of Seats


Suspensions  Front: MacPherson Strut and Rear: Torsion Beam
Base engine size 2.0 L
Cylinders 4-cylinder Inline
Maximum engine power 169HP at 6600 rpm
Torque  150Nm at 4400 rpm
Engine Capacity 1800 cc
Breaking System Automatic emergency breaking
Mileage 28 km/l in City and 32km/l on the highway

Toyota Corolla Cross review

Recently, SUV cars have grown their own market in Bangladesh. Customers with a bit moderate budget are now going for the SUV section. To fulfill your desire, Toyota Corolla Cross offers Quality, Durability, and Reliability as well as its style and functionality.

Toyota Corolla Cross Interior & Exterior

If you have used a Corolla sedan before, you will feel at home inside this Corolla Cross. Its wider dimension will offer a comfortable ride with more leg room and breathing area. The luggage area is large enough for you to go on a long trip. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite shows or games with its multimedia display.

Its eye-catching front and super SUV style give your car a sporty and elegant outlook. Its advanced power back door will help you to load your luggage for trips single-handedly. Besides, enough ground clearance will allow you to go for a wild drive.

Toyota Corolla cross engine and mileage

You will get a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Inline Gas engine with this car. Its 1800 cc engine will help you to achieve 169HP at 6600 rpm and 150Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. With this immense power and SUV feature, you can drive on any rough terrain or road in Bangladesh.

Its advanced Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) system will give you better mileage than its competitors. In the city, you can drive on average 28 Km/L, whereas 32 Km/L on the highway.

On top of that, your petrol tank will hold 36 liters of gasoline and have enough space for the hybrid battery. So, if you want to go for a long trip with a tank full of fuel, you can travel approximately 500 Km.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Engine

Toyota Corolla Cross Pros & Cons

You can choose whatever car you want, but there are some advantages and disadvantages. In this section, I will share some of the Toyota Corolla Cross’s pros & cons with you.


  • Budget-friendly car for your business and family trips.
  • Extensive cargo area to allow five of your friends and family.
  • Excellent gas mileage will cut your fuel cost.
  • The modern infotainment system will offer complete control over your video, music, and weather-controlling system.
  • Active and standard safety features will protect you from any unwanted accident.
  • You can shift from AWD to FWD drive options or vice versa.
  • You can play your favorite playlist with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. 


  • There are only three times for you to choose in the market.
  • It offers you more basic features than its competitors.

Toyota Corolla Cross Z Package

Toyota Corolla Cross Z package is the top of the line of its other two times. Its aerodynamic structure will ensure your smooth ride at top speed.

Its hybrid engine can generate 122 Hp, which allow you to drive on rough Bangladeshi terrain or city road. For example, in Dhaka city, you can travel 15 km/l; on the highway, it will be 20 km/l.

In Toyota Corolla Cross you will get Toyota Safety Sense which will make you safe.  Also, you will get a power back door, a Genuine 9-inch TV Display power seat, and a half-leather seat.

The CVT transmission system will give you complete control over this monster. Apart from that, you will have 161mm ground clearance, which is relatively high according to our country.

Toyota Corolla Cross Z Package Price In Bangladesh 

Model Package Year Current Price In BD

Cannot decide yet? You can look at my article Toyota Fielder Price in Bangladesh and Other Hybrid Car Price in Bangladesh.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Price

You will notice that Toyota uses the same hybrid powertrain they used in the Prius. It has a 1.8-liter Atkinson Cycle Petrol engine that can produce 73kW power and 142Nm of torque. When it works with the electric motor and CVT system, you can generate 90kW of power.

Toyota Corolla Cross offers you their Hybrid version at a comparatively higher price, around 48 lakhs BDT. Toyota Corolla Cross price in Bangladesh Starts from 47 Lakhs. The Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 price starts from 48 Lakhs With the increased value, they have added a bundle of specifications and features worth your investment.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 Model Available Color 

Corolla Cross Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Difference

You will find Corolla hybrid and non-hybrid versions are very much identical. There is a slide difference on the logo’s latter. On top of that, your hybrid car will sound less than a standard one.




Engine It has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. A 1.8-liter four-cylinder Dual VVT-I with two electric motors.
Transmission 7-speed Sequential Shiftmatic gearbox CVT. E-CVT.
Drive modes All-Wheel Drive (AWD) gives extra traction. It offers a Viz engine with four exciting driving modes- Normal, Sport, EV, and Eco.
Fuel consumption 28 Km/L on the city road and 32 Km/L on the highway. 33 Km/L on the city road and 37 Km/L on the highway.
Instrument panel 4.2-inch multi-information colored display with a single color mode. 4.2-inch multi-information colored display with two color modes- Red for Sport mode and Green for Eco mode.

RAV4 vs Corolla Cross

Are you struggling to decide to buy between the RAV4 and Corolla Cross? Here, I will show you the vital difference between these two cars.


Corolla Cross


Car Type SUV SUV
Engine 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. 2.5-liter four-cylinder
Engine Capacity 1800 cc 2362 cc
Engine Power Can generate up to 169HP and 150Nm of torque. Can generate up to 203HP and 164Nm of torque.
Transmission 7-speed Sequential Shiftmatic gearbox CVT. Conventional automatic 8-speed transmission.
Drive modes All-Wheel Drive (AWD) gives extra traction. Allow you to choose from four modes— ROCK & DIRT, MUD & SAND, NORMAL, and SNOW.
Fuel consumption 28 Km/L on the city road and 32 Km/L on the highway. 27 Km/L on the city road and 335 Km/L on the highway.
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 Liter 60 Liter
Seat Capacity 5 5

User Rating 

Want to know what this user rating of your dream Toyota Corolla Cross is? The ASEAN NCAP has given the Corolla Cross an overall 5-star rating based on their test results. You will find that the new Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 has ranked as one of the Best Subcompact SUVs by, based on performance, reliability, safety, and more. 

  • 9in Best Subcompact SUVs.
  • 8in Most Fuel Efficient SUVs.


What type of car is Toyota cross?

Your Corolla Cross is the newest, smallest Toyota crossover to sport available all-wheel drive. It is larger than the front-wheel-drive Toyota C-HR and taller than the Corolla sedan. You can notice the 2022 Corolla Cross also borrows its looks from another Toyota—the more prominent and bolder RAV4.

Is Corolla Cross bigger than Corolla?

Yes, your Toyota Corolla Cross is bigger than the Toyota Corolla. It has more passenger and cargo capacity than the Corolla. 

  • Corolla Cross passenger capacity- 95.0 cu-ft.
  • Corolla Cross cargo capacity- 66.8 cu-ft.

Is the 2022 Corolla Cross A Hybrid?

Yes, the 2022 Corolla Cross has a hybrid model too. You can generate 194 Hp with your new hybrid engine, which is way more than the conventional Corolla Cross.

How does Toyota Cross Hybrid work?

The Hybrid Toyota Cross uses your wheel’s kinetic energy to produce electricity and store it in its battery. So, you can see that your hybrid’s electric motor works as a generator powered by your car’s wheels.

What is the Corolla Cross replacing?

Toyota Corolla Cross is the upgrade version of the Toyota C-HR. While C-HR offers you the FWD system, Corolla Cross has both the FWD and AWD system.

However, I discuss all the information you need to know before purchasing. It has different budget options depending on models and features. The Toyota Corolla Cross price in Bangladesh starts from 45 lakhs BDT. So, if you are looking for a mid-range SUV, this Corolla Cross will be the right choice.

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