Toyota Fielder Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Fielder Price in Bangladesh- A Toyota Wagon for Your Business or Family Use

ADDED: February 21, 2024

Do you want a car carrying your family and luggage for a long trip? Then you may be interested in buying a Toyota Fielder for its space, style, and practicality. Furthermore, the Toyota Fielder price in Bangladesh is very affordable for you.

Toyota debuted its first Fielder in the Japanese market in 2000. Following that, it becomes famous all over the globe due to its carrying capacity and fuel efficiency. In Bangladesh, you can see a fielder car crossing Gulshan 2 Circle every 3 seconds.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap car for business or personal use, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss the Toyota Fielder price in Bangladesh, as well as its review and specifications to you. So continue reading to quench your thirst.

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Toyota Fielder Specifications

Engine Power


Fuel Consumption


Drive Type


Engine Capacity

1496 - 2184cc

Number of Seats



Toyota Fielder is the latest version of the Toyota Corolla Wagon. Under the slogan “Value of new century car,” they upgrade their engine, suspensions, and platform. As a result, when you buy a Toyota Fielder, you can enjoy Wagon’s massive interior space while also getting more power and convenience.

Here is a short table for you to have a glance at what you will have if you purchase a Toyota Fielder in 2023

Toyota Fielder Car Review

Are you a tall person and facing problem to seat comfortably in the front seats? To address this issue, Toyota Fielder provides more extensive legroom without sacrificing cabin storage. Furthermore, this vehicle has enough boot space to accommodate at least four average-sized pieces of luggage for your road trip.
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Its appealing simple-looking exterior will give you an elegant vibe. You’ll also get high-quality rear and front fog lights, alloy rims, a spoiler, and roof rails. Its 1.8 liters 2ZR-FAE diesel engine can generate 140 horsepower. You can select a 1.5-liter or 2.2-liter diesel engine, depending on your budget.

Fielder provides ABS with EBD, VSC & TRC, and stable braking systems to help you control this immense engine power. You will have the option to choose between a 5-speed MT and a 4-speed AT super ECT transmission.

In addition, you will also get a dimming rearview mirror, headlamp controls, auto leveling gas-disparaging lamps, windshield washer jets, wide spray, and directional indicators to have other conveniences.

Brand New X Fielder Price in Bangladesh

So, if you value efficiency and practicality over a car’s appearance, the Fielder is the ideal vehicle for you. If you choose a reconditioned one, you can see an average Toyota Fielder price in Bangladesh starts from 16 to 25 lakh BDT. However, if you buy a new one, you may have to pay more. For example, Bangladesh’s New x Fielder price starts at 19.5 lakhs BDT.

Toyota Fielder 2017 Price in Bangladesh

Model Version Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid (Old Shape) X 16 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid (Old Shape) G-Key 17.5 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid (Old Shape) G-Push 18 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid (New Shape) X 18 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid (New Shape) G-Push 20 Lakh

Toyota Fielder 2018 Price in Bangladesh

Model Version Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid X 19.5 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid G-Push 23 Lakh

Toyota Fielder 2019 Price in Bangladesh

Model Version Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid X 21 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid G-Push 25 Lakh

Toyota Fielder WXB

When looking for a Toyota Fielder, you may have the term WxB. The “WxB” represents their “White , Black, Red & Mica Blue” detailed variant grill cars. This style gives your vehicle an elegant and sharp appearance.

Toyota Fielder WXB Price in Bangladesh

Model Year Version Current Price In BD
Fielder WXB 2017 (New Shape) Hybrid 22 Lakh
Fielder WXB 2018 Hybrid 25 Lakh
Fielder WXB 2019 Hybrid 27 Lakh

Brand New Toyota Fielder EX Price In Bangladesh

Here is a list of Toyota Fielder trim level EX recondition and new car prices in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a Toyota Fielder EX car price in BD then read the list 

Toyota Fielder EX Price in Bangladesh By Year

Model Version Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid 2019 27 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid 2020 29 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid  2021 31 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid 2022 31.5 Lakh
Toyota-Fielder Hybrid  2023 Brand New 32 Lakh

Toyota Fielder Available Color in Bangladesh

Toyota Fielder Problems & Benefits

If you want an eco-friendly for your daily uses, you can buy a Toyota Hybrid.   Its electric hybrid engine uses less fuel and is less environmentally harmful. If you’re serious about buying this car, you can easily overlook these minor Toyota Fielder problems.



  • You will have a 1.8L high-power hybrid engine.
  • The engine will be 1,500cc larger.
  • You will have a tank capacity of 36L.
  • You can travel 34.4 km with one liter of gasoline.
  • You will have top-notch security features.
  • You will have a lot of boot space.


  • You may have to pay more for its maintenance.
  • The design is not as appealing as that of other Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Probox vs Toyota Fielder

You may notice similarities between the Toyota Probox and Toyota Fielder. Both provide hydraulic power steering. So, with its ergonomic aid, you can drive straight and have an advantage over this colossus.

Apart from this similarity, there is a significant difference between these two vehicles. The first distinction is their p origin date. Toyota introduced the Fielder car in 2000. Meanwhile, in 2002, they debuted their Probox.

Probox offers you two types of engines to choose from 1.3L and 1.5L. On the other hand, you can choose from three Fielder engines: 1.5L, 1.8L, and 2.2L.

Probox has five doors and four seating options. However, the Toyota Fielder can accommodate you with five of your travel partners and has four doors.

Regarding fuel tank capacity, the Toyota Probox comes out on top. It has a tank capacity of fifty liters. On the other hand, a Fielder car will offer you a 36 liters gasoline tank.

You can get an automatic transmission system if you buy a Toyota Fielder. However, if you prefer a Probox, you will have a manual transmission system.

As you can see, each model has some advantages and disadvantages. However, they are both excellent vehicles with their distinct features. It is your responsibility to choose between them based on your requirements.


So, if you’ve made it this far, you may have some questions. To answer your question, I gathered the most frequently asked questions about the Toyota Fielder from the internet and attempted to answer them. Hope you will have your desired answers.

Is Toyota Fielder a good car?

Do you want a powerful car that can lift a massive weight of people and luggage? Then Toyota Fielder will be the best option for you. It is a perfect car if you are looking for an advanced car. It offers you a wide range of extensive features and a powerful engine, so it is worth your investment.

Is Fielder a 7-seater?

You can have all the efficiency and trustworthiness you expect from a sedan car. Furthermore, you can seat five people and have plenty of luggage space in the back. So, the answer is if you purchase a Fielder, you will receive a five-seater vehicle.

What Type of Car is Fielder?

Fielder is a four-door compact sedan that seats five people. It’s a Toyota B-platform vehicle. In the market, there are two layouts for you to choose from. The first is a front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle, and the second is a front-wheel four-wheel drive vehicle. 

What Engine is in Toyota Fielder?

If you’re in the market for a Toyota Fielder, you’ll find three engine options: 1.5L, 1.8L, and 2.2L. The 1.5L hybrid variant has a 1,496cc engine capacity, while the 1.8L variant has a 1,795cc engine capacity. This engine has a power range of 79 to 190ps and can generate 82 to 128 lb/ft torque.

Landing Lines

However, you can purchase more expensive models if you have more money. For example, the Toyota Fielder 2017 price in Bangladesh is around Tk 16-22 Lakh depending on the model.  So, if you believe this car will meet your needs, select one of these models based on your budget.

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