Latest Car Price in Bangladesh

Latest Car Price in Bangladesh 2023

ADDED: July 31, 2023

Cars have become an essential vehicle for urban people, especially those who live in Dhaka or other metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. If you look at ten years or fifteen years back, cars were not that available. Car price plays a vital role here. Car prices in Bangladesh are reasonable compared to the previous era or decade.

You will find cars in different price ranges. You have options to buy used cars, modified cars, brand-new cars, and more. Whatever the budget you have, you will find suitable cars. Some authorized dealers can give you brand new top-branded cars.

Today, we will share the latest car price. You will get an idea about all the car prices in Bangladesh to help you make your buying decision better.

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Different Types of Car Prices In Bangladesh

Car prices vary from brand to brand. There are three types of car prices you will find in Bangladesh. This write-up will show you all the related prices and other info. So, keep with us, and explore the car price in Bangladesh.

  • Brand New Car Price
  • Reconditioned Car Price
  • Assembled Car Price

Brand New Car Price in Bangladesh

When you have enough budget and want to experience a brand new car, you will get different budgeted cars—brands like Corolla, Axio, AUDI, BMW, Honda, and more. But you have to find an authentic dealer in Dhaka and then buy a brand-new car.

Other dealers might claim that they are the dealer of that particular brand and never trust their words. You should find out a dealer from a respected brand. Since you will buy a brand new car, you will invest a reasonable budget here.

The brand-new car price in Bangladesh will be 25 lakhs to 100 lakhs or one crore. You will find some budget-friendly brand-new cars within 35 lakhs as well. They are good enough and best for our country’s road conditions.

On the other hand, you may go for the corolla premier, which will be around 25 lakhs or 28 lakhs. They are the medium-budget car prices in Bangladesh.

Model Hybrid/Non-Hybrid Year Current Price In BD
Toyota Yaris Cross Non-Hybrid 2023  42-45 Lakh
Toyota Harrier Non-Hybrid 2023 90-98 lakh
Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2023 81-94 lakh
Toyota Camry Hybrid/Non-Hybrid 2023 68-74 lakh
Toyota Prius Hybrid 2023 42 lakh
Toyota Voxy Hybrid 2022 49-52 lakh
Toyota Fielder Hybrid 2023 32 lakh
Toyota Noah Hybrid 2022 49-52 lakh
Honda Vezel Non-Hybrid 2022 50-54 lakh
Land Cruiser Prado 2022 1.52 –  1.67 Lakh

Apart from them, you will also find high-priced cars like Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Mitsubishi brand cars, which might cost you around 90 lakhs to Two crores. These are for the brand new car prices. You may choose the suitable one for you according to your budget.

Whatever the budget is, if you want to buy brand-new cars, you have to buy the car from an authorized dealer or seller. They will give you all the office facilities and a warranty. So, don’t buy brand-new cars from the so-called dealers.

Reconditioned Car Price in BD

If you ask which type of car is the most available in Bangladesh, the answer would be the reconditioned cars. These are the most budget-friendly and popular cars for the price. The average reconditioned car price in Bd is around 10 lakhs. The price depends on factors, including the car’s condition, engine, interior & exterior quality, and many more.

Since this business’s tax rate is very high, most people can’t afford a brand-new car. For them, reconditioned cars are the only option. Mainly, reconditioned cars are imported from other countries, and even the dealers collect the used cars from local users.

In that case, they furnish the car and buy it at a lower price. Let’s say the brand-new price is 25 lakhs. You will get the same model reconditioned cars within 10-12 lakhs. The reconditioned car price is half the original brand-new car in most cases. It will vary from car to car.

If you feel that you need to travel with your family and buy a car for that, go for Toyota Esquire, Noah or Hiace. Follow the link to know more details about this car which is popular in the country.




When you buy an old model car, you can avail yourself of that one-fourth price. If the new car’s price is 30 lakhs, you can buy it for 7-8 lakhs. The same rules will be applied here. The engine and mileage will determine the price. We give you the real-time scenario of the current car price in BD.

Latest Toyota Reconditioned car price In Bangladesh

ModelHybrid/Non-HybridYearCurrent Price In BD
Corolla AxioHybrid201716.5 Lakh
AquaHybrid201713.5 Lakh
AllionNon-Hybrid201726 Lakh
PremioNon-Hybrid201727.5 Lakh
Fielder Hybrid201716 Lakh
CHRHybrid201725 Lakh
Rav 4 2WDHybrid201952 Lakh
Hiace Duel A/CNon-Hybrid201723 Lakh
Yaris crossHybrid202031 Lakh
Corolla crossHybrid202148 Lakh
Noah Hybrid201725 Lakh
VoxyHybrid201722.5 Lakh
EsquireHybrid201726.5 Lakh
HarrierNon-Hybrid201749.5 Lakh
HarrierHybrid201752 Lakh
Land cruiser pradoNon-Hybrid2017100 Lakh
Alphard Hybrid201765 Lakh
Velfire Hybrid201766 Lakh
Prius PHEVHybrid201721.5 Lakh
Prius PrimePlug-in Hybrid201731 Lakh
Sienta 7 seaterHybrid201719 Lakh

Assembled Car Price in BD

The third and last type of car price is modified car price. It is also like a reconditioned car. Sometimes manufacturers change the old model car and give it a new look. You may also consider it as a brand-new car. Mainly, the modified car’s parts and engine come from different countries.

Manufacturers put them together and make furnished products. You may consider the Walton, Samsung Assemble factory in this case. They follow the simple role of getting all the parts from the mother country and assembling them in Bangladesh. It helps the manufacturer reduce the price of the car without compromising the quality.

Bangladesh has just started this process, and some entrepreneurs have come forward and started making cars in Bangladesh. The price of the assembled Bangladeshi Cars is from 15 to 25 lakhs. Though they are Bangladeshi nameplate cars, you will get all the top-class parts and engines. Please Contact With Us For More Details.

Why is the car price in Bangladesh so high?

There are two main reasons why car prices are so high in Bangladesh. They are:

  • Lack of Manufacturing
  • Tax rate

Lack of Manufacturing

Car prices in Bangladesh are so high because of the lack of manufacturing and tax rate. We don’t have any car parts manufacturing company. Since it is a big market and requires huge capital, no one still comes out and sets up the factory to do so. Though we have capable engineers and entrepreneurs, they don’t want to take the risks of investing a considerable amount in the automotive industry.

Some companies assemble the parts that they buy from different countries. Therefore, it is not possible to decrease the price of components and control the car price by using them. That’s why car prices are higher compared to other countries.

Tax Rate

Another reason is the tax rate. Since manufacturers import all the required parts, engines, and wheels from other countries, the government taxed all these parts. Especially when you want to buy a brand-new car, you have to spend a lot of money on taxes. The yearly tax is about 25000 BDT. On the other hand, you have to pay the extra tax to release the car from CTG.

If you have 1500 CC car engines, you have to give 25000 BDT every year. The amount will change as per your CC capacity. So, whatever the reasons are, the tax rate plays a crucial role in higher prices.

Most selling car prices in Bangladesh

10 to 25 lakhs is the most selling car price in Bangladesh. You will find both brand-new and reconditioned cars at this price but Reconditioned cars are the most popular ones.

Check The Latest Price in of Toyota Fielder and Toyota Aqua Price in Bangladesh

You will also find used cars at this price. People often buy brand-new cars, drive them for about ten years, then sell them at half price. They also buy another brand new car adding some more budget. Apart from the used cars, you will also avail yourself of a brand new car for 25 lakhs.

Gere, 30 to 35 lakhs is another most selling car price in Bangladesh. Corolla, Premio, and other cars are available in this price range. You will find them within or around 35 lakhs. You can either buy them in cash or go for the installment process.

Check Toyota Premio Price in BD

Therefore, 10 lakhs and 25 lakhs are the most selling car prices range in Bangladesh. People also buy a 50 lakhs priced car when they have enough budget. But those two are the most popular car prices.

Which is the cheapest car in Bangladesh?

Suzuki Alto 800 is the cheapest car you will find in Bangladesh, which will cost you around 8,65000/- BDT. So, the cheapest car price in Bangladesh is 8,65,000/-. If you have a budget of about 8 lakhs, you can buy a brand-new car. You will also find reconditioned cars at this price. You may find cheaper rates as well.

Low price cars in Bangladesh have become a popular category for job holders. Since it is time-consuming to save 20 to 25 lakhs taka at a time, you can easily buy a car worth 6-8 lakhs. It will become easier for you. You may go for the installment facility and avail of such a car.

However, you may also find brands like Toyota, Suzuki, and their respective models within your budget. These brands help people to meet their dreams with their low-priced cars. If you plan to buy the cheapest car, you should go for them. They are trusted.

Closing Words

If you have queries regarding the car price in Bangladesh, you should give this article a second read. We have shown you everything regarding this fact. There are three different price ranges for the Bangladesh car price.

The price will vary from 8 lakhs to one crore. No matter your budget, you will find a suitable car within it. If you still have any queries, leave a comment. We will help you to finalize your budget.

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