Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh: A Budget Luxurious MPV for Your Family and Business

ADDED: October 20, 2022

Looking for a car for your business and family use? Can’t decide which one to buy? The Toyota Esquire, an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), is here to meet your various needs in one car. But how much will it cost you and is it compatible with its price? Well, the Toyota Esquire price in Bangladesh may vary for multiple reasons.

The price of the Toyota Esquire Car in Bangladesh starts from 31 Lakhs to 39 Lakhs depending on the model year(2018-2021) and its grades.

Since its first launch in 2014, Toyota Esquire has undergone gradual feature upgrades and modifications to meet trends and customer demands. As a result, Toyota Esquire car price in Bangladesh varies depending on features, engine options, model year, and reconditioning. Here, I will describe the Toyota Esquire price in BD and guide you through buying one of the best MPVs within your budget.

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Toyota Esquire Specifications

Before buying your Toyota Esquire, you need to check first whether it can meet your needs or not. Toyota offers you a variety of features in the new and upgraded model. You will have better features, control, and functionality than your previous models. Let’s see what the Toyota Esquire offers you.

Toyota Esquire Hybrid

Body Type


Drive Type



23 KM/L

Fuel Capacity

50 L

Seating Capacity



Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4,695 mm *1,695 mm* 1,825 mm
Engine 1.8 L Atkinson Cycle DOHC
Displacement 1797 cc
Transmission e-CVT
Horse Power 99 hp at 5200 rpm
Torque 142 Nm at 4000 rpm
Boot Space 105 L
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Fuel Type Hybrid (Petrol-electric)
Top Speed 170 Km/h
Tire Size 195/65/R15
Brake (Front) Ventilated Disk
Brake (Rear) Disc
Cargo Space 350 L
Suspension (Front) Strut
Suspension (Rear) Torsion


Esquire Non Hybrid

Body Type


Drive Type



16 Km/L

Fuel Capacity

55 L

Seating Capacity



Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4,695 mm *1,695 mm* 1,825 mm
Engine 2.0 L 4 Cylinder Inline Gas
Displacement 1986 cc
Transmission CVT
Horse Power 152 hp at 6100 rpm
Torque 193 Nm at 4200 rpm
Boot Space 105 L
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Fuel Type Gasoline/Petrol
Top Speed 180 Km/h
Tire Size 195/65/R15
Brake (Front) Ventilated Disk
Brake (Rear) Disc
Cargo Space 350 L
Suspension (Front) Strut
Suspension (Rear) Torsion

Toyota Esquire Review in BD

Do you live in Dhaka and want a multi-purpose vehicle for your business and family? Then, The Toyota Esquire will be a good choice. It will offer you space, comfort, fuel economy, and speed at a reasonable price.

you already know the Basic specifications of the Toyota Esquire hybrid and non-hybrid now here we discuss the difference between the Toyota Esquire hybrid and non-hybrid.

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Toyota Esquire is Available in Color

Toyota Esquire Hybrid Review 

This car gets a 1797cc completely hybrid 1.8 L 4 Cylinder DOHC Atkinson Cycle engine. With its electric motor, you can produce 99 HP or 73 KW of power at 5200 rpm and 142 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. 

The Toyota Esquire hybrid has a fuel tank of 50 L, and fuel consumption is reported to be 23 Km/L when Petrol-electric. The transmission system is Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). Double air-conditioning and climate control will provide you with the best comfort. This fine machine also comes in 7 different colors.

This vehicle is best for all people planning long tours with family or business colleagues.

Toyota Esquire Old Shape Real Pictures

Toyota Esquire Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Hybrid Toyota Esquire in Bangladesh comes with a new facelift. Moreover, this is a seven-seat car. Furthermore, the Toyota Esquire Hybrid has an Automatic transmission with a right-hand drive. This car is the fuel-efficient yet powerful and versatile drive you must get.

Toyota produced its last version of Esquire in 2021. So, you must go for the 2021 model in Bangladesh or anywhere. Depending on various things like- features, production year, and dealers, your desired new Toyota Esquire price in Bangladesh 2022 may vary from 37 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs BDT.

2018 Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Model CC Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Esquire 1800 GI 31.5 Lakh
Toyota-Esquire  1800 GI Premium 34.5 Lakh

2019 Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Model CC Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Esquire 1800 GI 32.5 Lakh
Toyota-Esquire  1800 GI Premium 34 Lakh

2020 Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Model CC Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Esquire 1800 GI 34 Lakh
Toyota-Esquire  1800 GI Premium 37 Lakh

2021 Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Model CC Package Current Price In BD
Toyota-Esquire 1800 GI 36 Lakh
Toyota-Esquire  1800 GI Premium 39 Lakh

Toyota Esquire Non-Hybrid Review 

The non-hybrid version of the Esquire comes with a 1986cc, 2.0 L four-cylinder Dynamic Force engine. It provides up to 150 HP to carry 7 of your family members or colleagues anywhere in Bangladesh. In addition, its direct shift CVT makes it an ideal car for commuting in the city.

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Toyota Esquire’s interior is leather-trimmed, and the exterior has different curves and an uncommon grill that increases the beauty. In addition, Toyota Esquire offers seven various colors White Pearl Crystal Shine, Black, Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Blackish Ageha Glass Flake, Bordeaux Metallic, and Avant-garde Bronze Metallic. Toyota Esquire non Hybrid price in Bangladesh starts from 27 lakhs BDT.

Toyota Esquire New Shape Real Pictures

Toyota Esquire GI Premium Price in Bangladesh

This 7-seated vehicle may be the most suitable choice if you need a car for a family trip or a business purpose. It has two sliding doors that are very easy to access with the push of a button, also has an LED headlamp, five doors, airbags, ABS brake, fog lamps, total black leather seats, a pre-crash safety system, cruise control, etc. It also has plenty of cargo space for your heavy luggage.

The latest version of this model is not available in the Bangladeshi car market. Instead, you must buy a reconditioned Toyota Esquire GI Premium 2017 in Bangladesh. To buy a Toyota Esquire 2017 in BD, you must spend 29 Lakhs to 36 Lakhs BDT.

Differences Between Esquire GI & GI Premium

GI and GI Premium are identical in interior and exterior design. But, they have some minor differences in some points. So, let’s see where they differ.

Point of Difference Toyota Esquire GI Toyota Esquire GI Premium
Last Production 2018 2021
Use of Chrome Less on the Front and Rear More on the Front and Rear
Front Facelift No Yes
Tray Option For Second Row No Yes
Ceiling Monitor No Yes
Color of Interior Blackish Brownish
Leather Trim Lower Quality Premium Quality
Charger Option for Second Row No Yes

Toyota Noah Esquire Price in Bangladesh

Noah is the base model of Toyota Voxy, Esquire, and Alphard. Toyota, namely Toyota Noah Esquire, produces no car. Instead, you will find both Toyota Noah and Toyota Esquire separately in the Bangladeshi car market. While the price of Toyota Noah ranges from 25-32 lakhs BDT, you can get your desired Toyota Esquire at 27-40 lakhs BDT.

Esquire vs. Noah

Toyota Esquire and Toyota Noah are the same cars with very slight cosmetic differences at the front and rear. They have the same basic and hybrid engine under the hood, seven seats, almost the same power and torque, mileage, transmission system, leg and cargo space, power sliding doors, mirrors and windows, and so on.

Where do they differ? The logo on the front, grill, headlights, more/less leather trimming, and cost of each unit.

Toyota Esquire Pros and Cons

Every car has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, let’s explore the pros and cons of a Toyota Esquire to understand your desired MPV better. 

Advantages of Toyota Esquire:

  • 7 Seats for all your family members or colleagues
  • Powerful engine for any road and terrain 
  • Better mileage and hybrid facility
  • Power sliding doors, windows, and mirrors for better control
  • Attractive exterior and nicely trimmed interior
  • Large boot and cargo space 
  • Affordable maintenance cost and spare parts

Disadvantages of Toyota Esquire:

  • Not enough ground clearance for Bangladeshi roads
  • No Android Auto

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By now, you have got the necessary information about the Esquire. Here, I have collected some frequently asked online questions to understand this car better.

Are Esquire and Noah the same?

No, exactly. Anyone may mistake the Toyota Esquire at first glance for the Toyota Noah. The Toyota Esquire is a luxurious version of the Toyota Noah. Both cars are the same MPV but different in styles and features for customers with different tastes.

Is Toyota Esquire hybrid?

Toyota Esquire has both hybrid and non-hybrid engine options. However, they mainly differ from one another in engine options. Therefore, you must ask the dealer if you want the hybrid engine option.

How many seats does a Toyota Esquire have?

MPVs are generally popular and bought for space, the number of seats, and multi-purpose uses. Young families and corporate houses are the main customers of these cars. The Toyota Esquire has seven seats to accommodate family or business purposes.

What is the difference between Noah and Alphard?

Toyota Noah and Toyota Alphard are both MPVs from the same trusted brand. However, though they both have the same looks, they differ in a few points. First of all, the Alphard is 30mm longer than the Noah.

The Alphard is powered by a 3456cc 6-cylinder Gasoline engine that produces 292 HP power and 361 Nm of torque. The Noah is powered by a 1986cc 4-cylinder gas engine, producing 150HP of power and 200 Nm of torque. In addition, the Alphard comes with an 8-speed Automatic transmission gearbox, whereas the Noah gives you a CVT transmission system.

The average fuel consumption of a Toyota Alphard is about 22 mpg, whereas a Toyota Noah gives you 35 mpg. It happens because Noah has a fuel capacity of 60 Liters while the Alphard holds 65 liters.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this far! I am sure you have the required information to cross-check your demands.

The Esquire is a mid-range luxurious car. The Toyota Esquire car price in Bangladesh may vary from 27 to 35 lakhs BDT. So, suppose you want to have a luxurious MPV within budget. In that case, you can buy a reconditioned Esquire in this country. So, get ready and get your desired MPV.