Toyota Voxy Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Voxy Price in Bangladesh: A Compact MPV for Your Family and Business

ADDED: October 15, 2022

Assume you want to go on a vacation or a long trip with your entire family. Which car will go for you? The new Toyota Voxy, the perfect MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), will be the best solution for your family and business. However, the Toyota Voxy price in Bangladesh can vary for various reasons.

Toyota Voxy has undergone continuous modifications to maintain the changing trends. As a result, Toyota Voxy’s price in Bangladesh starts from 23 lakh to 52 lakh and it may depend on your car’s features, engine options, year of production, and reconditioning. Today, I will show you the Toyota Voxy price in BD and guide you through buying the best one on your budget.

Toyota Voxy Specifications

Before buying your new Toyota Voxy, you need to decide whether it can meet your needs. Toyota offers you a variety of features in this new fourth-generation model. You will have better control and stability compared to previous generations. Let’s see what you will get with your Voxy.

Body Type



23 KM/L

Fuel Capacity

52 L

Number of Seats


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4695 x 1730 x 1855 mm
Displacement 1986 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 168 hp
Torque 202 Nm
Boot Space 104 L
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Fuel Type Hybrid
Top Speed 180 KM/H
Tyre Size 205/55/R17
Braking System Disk Brake with ABS

Toyota Voxy Review

If you live in Dhaka and want a multi-purpose vehicle for your business, then The Toyota Voxy will be a great choice. It will offer you space, comfort, and speed at a reasonably fair price.

This city hatchback will offer a complete hybrid to help you and your family drive on any adventurous road or terrain in Bangladesh. Reports say you can travel 23.8 km with one liter of gasoline. As a result, your fuel cost will drop dramatically.


Its 1986cc 2.0L four-cylinder dynamic force engine will produce 150 horsepower to carry 7 of your family members. In addition, its direct shift CVT makes it an ideal car for commuting in the city.

Toyota Voxy Car Available Color

Toyota Voxy Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

The Toyota Voxy Hybrid is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle with seven seats and an all-rounder-like performance. It is the vehicle you must buy for a comfortable family or business tour. The Voxy Hybrid is as fuel-efficient as powerful and a versatile drive for you.

A 1.8L 4-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine will produce 98 HP at 5200 rpm with 142 Nm at 4000 rpm. You can also add 80 HP with 207 Nm torque with the help of its electric motor. Together you will produce 134 HP. So, you can attend every meeting in Dhaka at your top speed. This electric motor Toyota inserts a Ni-MH battery pack under your front seats to power.

Reduction gear with Toyota Hybrid System II will allow you to control your car’s speed and power according to your convenience. For example, you can travel 23.8 km with one liter of gasoline. As a result, you will emit less CO2 than a non-hybrid vehicle, says MLIT JC08 test cycle.

In Bangladesh, you won’t get a brand-new Toyota Voxy Hybrid. Instead, you will have to go for a reconditioned one. Depending on features, production year, and dealers, the price may vary from 23-52 lakhs BDT.

Toyota Voxy 2017 Price in Bangladesh

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy V 23 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy X 23.5 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy ZS KIRAMEKI 28 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy ZS 29.5 Lakh

Toyota Voxy 2018 Price in Bangladesh

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy V 27 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy X 27.5 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy ZS 32 Lakh

Toyota Voxy 2019 Price in Bangladesh

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy V 28.5 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy X 29 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy  ZS KIRAMEKI 2 35 Lakh

Toyota Voxy 2020 Price in Bangladesh

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy ZS KIRAMEKI 2 38.5 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy  ZS KIRAMEKI 3 39.5 Lakh

Toyota Voxy 2021 Price in BD

This eight-seated vehicle can be a suitable choice if you need a car for a family trip or a business purpose. It has extensive rear sliding doors that are easy to access with minimum force. It also has plenty of boot area for your heavy luggage.

This model is also not available in the Bangladeshi automobile market. But, a reconditioned one is synonymous with a brand new Toyota Voxy 2021 in this country. To buy a Toyota Voxy 2021, you can spend 44 lakhs BDT.

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy  ZS KIRAMEKI 3 44 Lakh

Brand New Toyota Voxy 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Running year, Toyota launched their latest Voxy 2022. It is a comfortable luxurious passenger van identical to Toyota Noah. However, its interior and exterior are slightly different from one another.

Toyota Voxy 2022 is not available in Bangladesh yet. But you can import it from the JDM market in Japan. However, this Noah Voxy car price in Bangladesh is between 49 to 52 lakhs BDT.

Make & Model Package-Hybrid Price
Toyota-Voxy S-G 49 Lakh
Toyota-Voxy S-Z 52 Lakh

If you feel this price is off-budget, you can look at my Toyota Esquire Price in Bangladesh and Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh articles. They may fulfill your needs at a budget price.

Toyota Voxy Interior & Cockpit

Toyota Voxy Pros and Cons

Every car has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, let’s explore some pros and cons of a Toyota Voxy to understand your desired MPV better. 


  • 7/8 Seats for a quality and comfortable ride
  • Powerful engine for any road and terrain 
  • Decent fuel consumption 
  • Power windows and mirrors for better control
  • Eye-catching exterior and smoothly finished Interior
  • Ample cargo space for your whole family
  • Maintenance costs and spare parts are very affordable
  • Double Sun/Moon Roof 


  • No front Speaker 
  • No Android Auto

Difference between Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah

Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah are two popular minivans in Bangladesh. These two minivans seem to be similar in many ways. But, a few features and facilities separate them from one another.

Comparison Parameter Toyota Noah Toyota Voxy
Engine 1987cc 1986cc
Seats Folding seats Electrically powered seats
Ground Clearance Comparatively higher Low
Pollen Elimination System Not available Available
Interior space Less More

Voxy Z Package Vs ZS Kirameki Package

Though the Voxy Z package and ZS Kirameki package are two Voxy series trims, some differences exist. For example, their fuel tank capacity and maximum power output slightly differ. Therefore, you should look at these parameters and choose the best package compatible with your convenience.

Parameters Z Package ZS Kirameki Package
Engine Model 3ZR-FAE 3BA-ZRR85W
Dimension 4640×1720×1875mm 4710×1735×1870mm
Maximum Power 155ps 152ps
Displacement 1986cc 1986cc
Maximum Torque 192 Nm 193 Nm
Fuel Tank Equipment 60L 55L

Toyota Voxy ZS Kirameki Color

Toyota Voxy X Package Vs V Package

These two are also trendy Voxy trims for people looking in the market. Though these two packages are pretty much the same, their dimensions are a bit different. As a result, their seating capacity may differ from each other.

Parameters X Package V Package
Weight (kg) 1650 1570
Dimension 4695x1695x1865mm 4695x1695x1825mm
Riding Capacity 8 7


If you have read this far, you already know the necessary information about the new Toyota Voxy price and other specifications. Here, I will discuss some frequently asked questions I found on the internet. before reading this section, you can also check our most popular article about car prices in Bangladesh.

Is VOXY a good car?

The Toyota Voxy is a multi-purpose vehicle. So, you can use this vehicle for both personal and professional purposes. It has a fuel-efficient but powerful engine, a stylish exterior and Interior, eight seats, necessary safety features, and more! So, if you’re looking for a multifunctional vehicle at a budget price, I highly recommend the Voxy. For example, the Toyota Voxy 2020 price in Bangladesh starts from 38.5 lakhs BDT.

Is Voxy better than Noah?

There has been a long-running debate on this topic. Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy differ primarily because Toyota Noah is a base model, whereas Toyota Voxy is a sportier version. The Toyota Noah has less interior space than the Toyota Voxy. However, its platform for adjusting beverage bottles has made it a family favorite.

When comparing Voxy to Noah, the pollen elimination system in the Voxy distinguishes it from Noah. As a result, Toyota Noah is suitable for budget-conscious customers. On the other hand, the Noah Voxy car price in Bangladesh is the best fit for customers willing to splurge a little more money.

Is Voxy fuel efficient?

Obviously, yes. Even though the Voxy has 7-8 seats, the average fuel consumption is 23.8 Km/L. In addition, the hybrid engine can achieve up to 37 miles per gallon. So, what are your thoughts?

Congratulation, and thanks for reading this far! I am sure you have the required information to cross-check with your needs.

Since it is a mid-range luxurious hatchback car, the Voxy car price in Banglades may vary from 23 to 52 lakhs BDT. So, if you have a limited budget, you can buy a reconditioned Voxy in this country. But if you have the money you should go for a new one.