Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh – A Reliable Van For Use in Everyday Life

ADDED: September 27, 2023

The Japanese carmaker Toyota produces a light business van called the Hiace (pronounced “High Ace”). The HiAce was first made available in a variety of body configurations in October 1967, including minivan/MPV, panel van, utility van, pick-up, taxi, and ambulance. In this article, we will discuss the Hiace car price in Bangladesh along with its all features and variants. check other latest Toyota car prices in Bangladesh like Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion, Axio, Aqua, Toyota Prado, etc.

The 11–16-seater Toyota Hiace has every comfort possible, as well as front and back air conditioning and heating. To make sure everyone on the road is comfortable, the Hiace rear seats can recline halfway. It features a 70-liter gasoline tank and a big wheelbase. Additionally, it has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), a full-size spare tire, and vehicle stability control.
So the focus point is Toyota Hiace Car Price In Bangladesh Is Between 21 lakhs to 35-40 lakhs depending on their model and Hiace Condition.

2016 Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 22 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 23 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 28 Lakh

2017 Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 22.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 24 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 30 Lakh

2018 Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 25.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 27 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 31.5 Lakh

Starting price in BDT for a 2019 model Toyota Hiace from our showroom (28.5 LAKS). Variable pricing is possible. Please get in contact with our showroom if you want to know the precise on-road cost.

Check The List Of Toyota Hiace 2019 Price 

New Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh 2019

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 26.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 28.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 34.5 Lakh

A 2020 model Toyota Hiace 11 to 16 Seater’s ex-showroom starting price is BDT (29 LAKH). Prices are subject to vary. To obtain the exact on-road price, please get in touch with our showroom.

New 2020 Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 29 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 31 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 38 Lakh

New Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh 2021

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 31.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 33 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 40 Lakh

Brand New Hiace Car price in Bangladesh 2022

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 32.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 33.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 41 Lakh

Brand New Hiace Car price in Bangladesh 2023

Model Year Current Price In BD
Toyota-Hiace DX 33.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace GL Dual AC 34.5 Lakh
Toyota-Hiace Super GL 42 Lakh

Toyota Hiace Super GL

With the arrival of the fourth generation, this version of Hiace first debuted. It was developed to be the DX workhorse’s elite counterpart. The engine had greater power, and it was broader.

Additionally, the driving experience was substantially enhanced, and with each new model, the performance continued to advance. For instance, the 2012 Super GL included a 3.0-liter engine with driver and passenger front airbags as safety features. Air conditioning and anti-lock brakes were also included as standard.

Reversing cameras are now a regular addition. The 2012 Super GL gets a four-star safety rating and a remarkable 8 liters per 100 kilometers in fuel economy. These are all necessary characteristics for city driving, as Toyota advertises the Hiace.

Toyota Hiace Super GL Features:

Hiace Octane TRH200

Hiace Diesel KDH 2000

Hiace Car Seat Capacity

Most delivery and cargo vans have a single pair of front seats for the driver and two passengers. Commuter vehicles have an extra seating capacity from 11 to 16 persons.

Toyota Hiace 11 Seater van Color

Toyota Hiace 16 Seater van Color

Recondition Toyota Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

What price would you pick for such a well-known Toyota Hiace reconditioner car if you were to purchase one?

True, the lesser the price, the better! It is clear. However, the cost of a recondition Hiace with different grades and models is significantly different. Contact our showroom now to know the latest recondition Hiace car price in Bangladesh.

Hope this article Hiace car price in Bangladesh, will answer all of your desired questions about  Hiace cars. 

DX, GL, and SUPER GL Comparison

A cargo automobile is the Hiace van. Of course, it can carry persons, but its primary purpose is to transport cargo. Even within a single model, there are many classes of automobiles with varying features, interiors, and manufacturer options.

Hiace van classes: Super GL, GL, DX.

The top-of-the-line Super GL is essentially a van-style utility vehicle, but it also has reclining seats in the second row and employs seats similar to those in passenger vehicles. DX, on the other hand, is a freight car with basic amenities and a reasonable cost. Due to its straightforward design and popularity on the secondhand market, the DX may be altered.

The variety of options, including the number of doors (4 or 5), the high or regular roof with a raised roof panel, the passenger capacity, etc., are very intriguing. 3 to 16 passengers can fit in the vehicle.


What is the price of Toyota Hiace in Bangladesh?

Depending on its model year and features the price of Toyota Hiace in Bangladesh starts from (25.5 LAKHS). Please contact our showroom to know the latest price of a Hiace car in BD.

Is Toyota Hiace the luxury van?

Toyota Hiace is not a luxury van but a budget-friendly MPV. It is a large van with lots of storage space within the cabin and a tough interior.

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