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Toyota Allion Car Price in Bangladesh- New & Recondition

ADDED: March 04, 2024

An Allion car price in Bangladesh is governed by a variety of variables and situations. In Bangladesh, Allion car prices vary dramatically based on the grade and number of kilometers traveled in Japan. A basic Toyota  Allion car price in Bangladesh in the present market starts at 24 lahks and may go up to 36 lakh for G grade. 

In Bangladesh, the Allion is the most popular mid-priced sedan. Its 1498 cc 110 horsepower engine is powerful enough to commute in the city or on the highway. The Toyota Carina was replaced by the Allion in 2001. It has received widespread appreciation since its introduction and remains a highly comfortable and powerful city vehicle that tops any new or used car buyer’s favorite list.

The car’s interior is both big and stylish. Cupholders, phone pockets, visors, footrests, and armrests are all well-placed and at a comfortable distance. If You Want to check others’ Toyota car prices in Bangladesh and Nissan car Prices in Bangladesh

For an automobile of its class, the car’s look inspires respectful adoration. To say the least, the sleek, aerodynamic design with attractive front grilles grabs the attention of both male and female drivers for careful engineering. The tires and rims are appropriate for Dhaka’s roads, which are improving all the time, and the ride is smooth and enjoyable, almost like being in a vehicle.

New Allion Car Price in Bangladesh

Because brand new Allion cars are not imported into Bangladesh, importing a brand new Allion car from Japan would cost between US$11,678 and US$20,750, plus VAT and TAX levied by the Bangladesh government. Here we included all Toyota Allion a15 Car Price In Bangladesh

Recondition Toyota Allion Car price in Bangladesh By JDM

Toyota Allion 2016 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 24 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 25.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 28.5 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2016 price in Bangladesh Starts From 24 lakhs

Toyota Allion 2017 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 26 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 27.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 31 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2017 price in Bangladesh Starts From 26 lakhs

Toyota Allion 2018 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 29 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 31 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 33 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2018 price in Bangladesh Starts From 29 lakhs

Toyota Allion 2019 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 30 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 32 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 34 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2019 price in Bangladesh Starts From 30 lakhs

Toyota Allion 2020 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 31.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 33.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 36 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2020 price in Bangladesh Starts From 31.5 lakhs

Toyota Allion 2021 Price In Bangladesh

Model Packages Current Price In BD
Toyota-Allion A15 33.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G 35.5 Lakhs
Toyota-Allion G-Plus 37.5 Lakhs

Toyota Allion 2021 price in Bangladesh Starts From 31.5 lakhs

The Toyota Allion is a midsize sedan manufactured by Toyota and marketed all over the world. It’s a sporty automobile that gets better gas mileage and requires less maintenance. Its modest length of less than 1.7m makes driving on your country’s narrow highways much simpler.

It gets 16.40 km/l and has a seating capacity of 5.

Toyota announced that the Premio and Allion would be discontinued from March 2021

Available Color of Toyota Allion In Bangladesh

Allion A15 Car Price in Bangladesh

In terms of maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and dependability, the Allion A15 is the most well-balanced of the bunch. Its CVT gearbox and VVT-I engine glide down the road with ease, making it a pleasure to drive. The dashboard is straightforward, but the woodwork lends a sense of sophistication.

All spare parts are available and cheaper because Toyota is the most economical brand in the area. It’s a compact sedan that’s one of Bangladesh’s most popular automobiles. The recondition Toyota Allion A15 car price in Bangladesh is estimated: at 24–36 Laks (BDT)


How to Choose the Best Toyota Allion Car in BD?

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the best Toyota Allion car in BD for your needs. The car may appear to have everything you need, but once you’re behind the wheel, the true test begins. You should feel as though you were driving the car daily. Try to drive in both traffic and on the highway if you’re traveling to work.

Overcome bumps, turn sharply, and inspect your brakes at a safe location. Do not allow yourself to get sidetracked when examining the vehicle. Take your time and look around. A skilled vendor will understand your need to get a feel for the vehicle and will allow you to concentrate on the driving experience. Turn off the radio and listen to the engine instead. When you return to the dealership, you may examine the audio system.

How much is Toyota Allion in Bangladesh?

In Japan, the Toyota Allion is a popular vehicle, and it is also available in Bangladesh. An automobile starts at 24 Lac and goes up from there. This mid-size sedan is ideal for individuals searching for a car that is both comfortable and elegant.

The Allion boasts several features that aren’t available in automobiles in this price range. A sunroof, power steering, and keyless entry are just a few of the options available.

Where I can buy a used Toyota Allion?

You may look for a used Toyota Allion in a used automobile showroom or on another buy/sell website. You may also check out the hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages dedicated to automobile buying and selling in Bangladesh. Let’s See A video review Of Toyota Allion Car Price In BD

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