Toyota Aqua Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Aqua Price in Bangladesh: A Lowest Budget Hybrid Car

ADDED: July 06, 2022

Are you looking for a Toyota Aqua car, here we have discussed all the information about Toyota Aqua and Toyota Aqua price in Bangladesh, The Aqua is a practical car that is perfect for today’s driver. It is ecologically friendly since it gets great gas mileage and emits little pollutants.

Aqua is also reasonably priced and useful. Toyota Aqua price in Bangladesh Starts from (12 lakhs) depending on their Model Variation and Year. It is perfect for commuters or small families because it offers lots of storage space. A delight to drive and with a sleek appearance. 

In other words, Aqua is a Toyota hybrid car that was originally unveiled in Japan in December 2012. The Aqua is advertised as the replacement for the Toyota Prius C. In this post, we publish the Toyota aqua price in Bangladesh along with its features.

Toyota Aqua Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Aqua Hybrid price in Bangladesh varies by model year. Popular hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Aqua are sold in Bangladesh for BDT 15,000,000. The Aqua is renowned for its excellent fuel efficiency and smooth ride. Aqua is currently getting more famous in Bangladesh after being extremely successful in Japan and other nations.

Below are the Toyota Aqua Hybrid Price in BD According to Model and Grades (2016-2022)

Year Package Current Price Range In BD
2016 L  12  Lakh
2016 S  13  Lakh
2016 G  14  Lakh
2017 L  13  Lakh
2017 S  13.8  Lakh
2017 G  15  Lakh
2018 L  15.5  Lakh
2018 S  16.5  Lakh
2018 G  17.5  Lakh
2019 L  17.5  Lakh
2019 S  18.5  Lakh
2019 G  19.5  Lakh
2020 L  19  Lakh
2020 S  20  Lakh
2020 G  21  Lakh
2021 L  20.5  Lakh
2021 S  21.5 Lakh
2021 G  22.5  Lakh
2022 L  20.5  Lakh
2022 S  21.5  Lakh
2022 G  22.5  Lakh

Toyota Aqua GS Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Aqua GS price in Bangladesh Starts from (17 lakhs) With power windows, a DVD-AM/FM player, adjustable headrests, a multifunction steering wheel, interior illumination, fog lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, and armrests, the Toyota Aqua GS falls under the luxury category.

Cruise control, a rocker switch with an infotainment and navigation system option, automatic climate control, power windows with piano detailing, an armrest, leather seats, a smart security system, a smart keyless entry system, and a front grille painted decoratively are all included in this package. For a total of 17 body colors, add the fuel tank cap and option 4’s two-tone paint.

Toyota Aqua Car Details

The Toyota Aqua is one of the greatest possibilities if there is a car that city inhabitants in Dhaka like to commute to and from the office in relative comfort, even if at a fair price.

This is a petrol city hatchback that is completely hybrid and has the best comfort features. According to reports, it can go roughly 30 km on one liter of gasoline, but since it is already a hybrid type, CNG or LPG are not acceptable for this vehicle.

The vehicle has the automaker’s high-performance hybrid system, which is powered by a 1.5-liter inline-four engine with 73 horsepower. By the way, a pretty small distance may be covered using EV mode. Its constantly variable CVT gearbox makes it ideal for commuting in cities.

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Toyota Aqua Available Colors In Bangladesh

 Qualities of the Toyota Aqua

The vehicle includes keyless entry as well as all electrical features, including locking windows and mirrors, etc. Standard features include airbags, stability control, ABS, and vehicle control systems.

Additionally, there are three additional settings to pick from L, S, and G, as well as EV and Eco modes. The most recent versions also come with black leather trim and upholstery for added elegance.

The vehicle was among Japan’s top-selling new vehicles for a while. In reality, throughout the manufacturing phase, it was the second-best-selling automobile in Japan. The 175/65R15 rims and tires that come standard on the Toyota Aqua are a good fit for the vehicle.

It has a start-stop button, and a key fob is all you need to get started and keep going on your trip. Castles play an important role.

Toyota Aqua has further upgrades

The 175/65R15 rims and tires that come standard on the Toyota Aqua are a good fit for the vehicle. It has a start-stop button, and a key fob is all you need to get started and keep going on your trip. Castles play an important role.

Despite looking futuristic at the moment, the dashboard is straightforward. The displays are electronic, and all you need to assess the health of the panel is a side view.

Toyota Aqua is Brought To You By

The most essential thing to anticipate is definitely the price; showroom models may be obtained for as little as 16 lacs and as much as 11 lacs depending on quality, model, and auction classes. In this regard, CarTheoryBD has a wide range. In two showrooms located in Dhaka and Chittagong, they offer a number of Toyota Aqua vehicles to pick from.

Toyota Aqua Problems:

  •  A smaller interior.
  • All models have less ground clearance besides the X-urban.
  • Cost-effective interior supplies.
  • Choppy ride (even compared to the Toyota Vitz, the ride is quite bumpy and uncomfortable)
  • Less room for freight.
  • Little back glass


Is The Toyota Aqua Hybrid A Good Car?

Toyota is a popular car brand in Bangladesh. Toyota Aqua model is a very nice automobile since it gets decent gas mileage, is small and simple to operate, has a high-end interior, and has an EV mode.

How Many Airbags in Toyota Aqua?

Japanese vehicles frequently have the newest safety technology installed. Toyota Aqua is in a similar situation. All seats feature seat belts, and the front seats have twin airbags. The Toyota Aqua has the Toyota Star security system installed.

The traction control (TRAC), anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake aid (BA), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), smart stop technology (SST), and vehicle stability are the components that make up the Star safety system (VSK).

However, not every one of these items is included in the S or L Aquas packages. But you also get electronic brake force distribution and an anti-lock braking system with brake assist. Additionally, the front and back of the Aqua have crumple zones.

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