Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh

Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh- A Luxury Car Buying Guide

ADDED: January 28, 2024

Are you a car enthusiast looking for a luxury Lexus car price in Bangladesh? Toyota, the world’s most famous automobile manufacturer, introduces the Lexus car exclusively for you.

Toyota’s luxury division first introduced the Lexus car in 1989. Eventually, they added their coupe, sedan, SUV, and convertible models to this series. As a result, you can make your choice based on your preferences and budget.

When you search for Lexus car prices in Bangladesh, you will find that they start at 38 lacks BDT and go up to 2 crore BDT. Their prices vary depending on the model, features, and country of purchase. This article will educate you about the available Lexus Car in Bangladesh, its specifications, and its price. Also, Check the Latest Car Price In Bangladesh

Lexus Car Review

Lexus is the elite class brand under the mother company Toyota. They employ their L-finesse design philosophy to give your car a distinctive presence. On top of that, its elegant lights and grilles catch your viewer’s eye. The interior of this car is also very comfortable and looks as classy as its outlook. Its exclusive driving position will allow you to drive efficiently and with ease. You can also enjoy your favorite playlist with a high-quality embedded sound system.

A standard mid-size Lexus usually has an inline-4 engine, while larger models have a large V6 straight-6 machine. If you consider buying a top-tier Lexus model, you will get a powerful V8 engine under your hood. Besides that, if you want to use green energy, you can also get a hybrid version.

Compared to their impressive engine power, these cars consume less fuel. Research shows that some models can get you up to 30 kilometers with only one liter of gasoline. So, consider adding a Lexus to your collection if you want a luxury car.

Lexus LX Series Car Prices in Bangladesh

Lexus LX600 Price in Bangladesh

Lexus recently introduced the LX 600 SUV model in Bangladesh. Aside from its elegant exterior and lovely interior, you can select various color options, including Graphite Black GF, Black, Manganese Luster, Sonic Titanium, and Sonic Quartz. You can ride on rough Bangladeshi roads with your car’s 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 gas engine, producing 409 horsepower and 480 lb-ft torque. With a tank capacity of 29 gallons, you can travel 17 km/l in the city and 25 km/l on the highway.

A Lexus LX600 can cost you approximately 92 lakhs BDT. You will also get Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, MP3 player, climate control, remote engine start, and keyless entry.

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Lexus LX 570 Price in Bangladesh

Lexes LX 570 is a predecessor to the Lexus LX 600. It is a mid-range SUV car under this brand and is less expensive than the Lexes LX 600 in Bangladesh. Its 5.7L V8 gas engine allows you to ride comfortably on a hilly road. Its 8-speed automatic transmission can easily handle its 383 horsepower and 403 lb/ft torque. As a result, you can drive your car on Bangladesh’s rough terrain.

You can get 12 km/l in the city and 17 km/l on the highway. This vehicle is available in various colors, including Atomic Silver, Eminent White Pearl, Black Onyx, Terrane Khaki M.M., and Nightfall Mica. In Bangladesh, if you have 78 lahks BDT, you can purchase a Lexus LX 570. So, let’s buy your preferred vehicle.

Lexus NX Series Car Price in Bangladesh

The Lexus NX Car Series is much lower than other Lexus models in this country. You will have a 2.5L Inline-4 gas engine with this model. With this engine, you can generate 203 horsepower energy and 184 lb/ft torque. You will also have an adjustable all-wheel braking system to control this much engine power.

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This model offers you a variety of color options, including Automatic Silver, Caviar, Matador Red Mica, Cadmium Orange, Eminent White Pearl, Nori Green Pearl, and Nebula Gray Pearl. In Bangladesh, you can buy a Lexus NX 2022 for between 65 to 97 lacks BDT, depending on its variants and features.

Lexus RX Series Car Prices in Bangladesh

The Lexus RX is another mid-range SUV in the Lexus luxury car lineup. You can get a 3.5L V6 gas engine with 267 lb/ft torque and 350 horsepower energy. So you can have an enjoyable ride on the Bangladeshi road. You will have an 8-speed automatic gearbox with a Front front-wheel drive to control this car.

To own a Lexes RX in Bangladesh, you must pay approximately 1.50 to 2 Crore BDT For a Brand New RX. You can get between 1.05 Crore BDT and 1.36 Crore BDT for a Recondition Lexus RX.

You will also have a 19.2-gallon gas tank and can travel 19 kilometers per hour on city roads and 26 kilometers per hour on highways. So, if you are an adventure seeker, you won’t have to stop frequently to refuel.

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Lexus SUV Price in Bangladesh

When looking to buy a car, you may often come across the term SUV. The term SUV originated in America and was initially applied to larger vehicles with more boot and passenger space. It also means you can drive this vehicle on a very surface layer. Over time this term is becoming popular in the automotive industry and reveals many other factors you must know before buying.

If you buy an SUV car, you will have some additional privileges. These vehicles typically have a higher suspension than saloon and hatchback vehicles. It will safeguard your vehicle’s lower back and engine components. As a result, you can travel on a rough surface without fear of damage.

The Lexus SUV price in Bangladesh ranges from 39 lakhs to 95 lakhs BDT. In this price range, you can get your dream Lexus SUV. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you will be able to afford a four-wheel drive vehicle within this price range.


This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions on the internet. Hopefully, this will help you to clarify your question.

Is Lexus A Good SUV?

A good SUV car should provide the same benefits as a luxury Lexus. It should provide you with a powerful and smooth engine. So you don't have to worry about the crackling engine sound and can enjoy a classy roar. Furthermore, its well-finished interior should provide a stress-free, comfortable ride.

If you pay close attention to this article, you will notice that the Lexus models mentioned have a high-quality SUV system. As a result, you can choose from these models without worrying about whether or not you have a good SUV car.

What Is The Lowest Price Of Lexus?

The lowest Lexus car price starts at 39 lakhs BDT. Eventually, its price will rise as the functions and features become variable from one model to another. At this starting price, you can purchase a standard model Lexus NX 2022.

Which Lexus Car Model is The Best?

People frequently purchase Lexus RX. Because it has the most reliable SUV system among the other models. Lexus first introduced this model in 1998. It has recently released its fourth-generation RX. It will provide a completely different experience than the first-generation model. Considering its price and benefits, we believe this Lexus RX model is your best purchase option.

How Much Is A Brand New Lexus 2022?

The Lexus LX 2022 is the Lexus brand's most luxurious model. You must spend at least 87 lahks BDT to own this car. On the other hand, the Lexus ES 350 price in Bangladesh begins at 44 lahks BDT. You can also purchase a Lexus SUV car starting from 39 lakhs BDT.

What Is The Cheapest 2022 Lexus Model?

You can buy the cheapest luxury Lexus UX car in Bangladesh at only 34 lakhs BDT. It is the most affordable SUV subcompact Lexus car on the market. The mid-range Lexus F Sport car's price started from 37 lakhs BDT. On the other hand, if you want to buy the cheapest high-end luxury trims, you can start at 39 lakh BDT.

The Landing Lines

This article discussed the Lexus car price in Bangladesh and its various trims and variants. You now have a general idea of how much a Lexus car costs in Bangladesh. So, you can buy the cheapest, mid-range, or most expensive Lexus car based on your budget from the models we mentioned.

So, if you have a budget of around 35 to 40 lakh BDT, you can buy either the most affordable Lexus UX model or the most affordable high-end Lexus NX 2022 luxury model. On the other hand, if you have 45 and 90 lakhs BDT on your budget, you should consider the mid-range to high-end Lexus LX luxury car.