Honda Vezel Price in Bangladesh – 2022! What You Must Know Before Buying

Are you looking for the Honda Vezel price in Bangladesh? This article will provide an overview of the current Honda Vezel price in bd, its features, and its variants. Aside from that, you will understand why you should purchase your Honda Vezel for excellent riding experiences.

Purchasing a new car in Bangladesh is not an easy task. Before purchasing one, you should consider a few things. Is it suitable for Bangladeshi roads? Is it compact enough to fit in your parking spaces? How much fuel does it use? Overall, how well does it portray your test and personality?

You should be able to answer these questions before making any purchase. Otherwise, there’s a high chance you’ll make the wrong decision. Here, I’ll review the Honda Vezel’s features and benefits as a car enthusiast. So, you will have a better knowledge before buying one. Also, check the Latest All Honda Car Price In Bangladesh 

Honda Vezel Car Review

Do you want a smooth ride on Bangladesh’s congested and broken roads? Honda Vezel, a Japanese automaker, has created a new subcompact crossover SUV model just for you. That means its compact size will allow you to park your car in a tiny space.  On the other hand, its tall stature will enable you to easily navigate our monstrous Bangladeshi speed-breakers, manhole covers, and other obstacles.

Its innovative front grille, stiff body, and slope roofline give it a coupe-size shape allowing you to accommodate 4/5 people. Its elegant four trims (Lower G trim for non-hybrid cars and X, Z, and Play for hybrid vehicles) can appeal to men and women of all ages.

Honda Vezel Exterior And Available Color in BD 

Your 1500cc non-hybrid Honda Vezel can generate 116 horsepower. You will have 130 horsepower if you buy a hybrid one. As a result, you can enjoy a long ride on a rough Bangladeshi road without tension.

You can choose between two engine options when you buy a Honda Vezel in Bangladesh. One is a 1.5-liter standard petrol engine, and the other is a 1.5-liter Earth Dream engine with diesel technology.  I found that the second one is more competent than the first. You will get a 1.5-liter 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DTC) system gas engine if you buy a hybrid one.

Some Brand New Honda Vezel Interior Car Pictures In BD

This vehicle has a world-class CVT transmission. Its continuously variable transmission technology and manual lightning-fast 5-speed gear-changing system will give you complete command of this beast.

This vehicle has a comprehensive panoramic sunroof and dual-coat interior paint. It will reflect most of the sunlight and resist UV rays, creating a comfortable natural environment for you inside the car. Furthermore, its rear AC ventilation system allows you to control the temperature as needed.

In this volatile fuel market, this low-emission vehicle will save you money. One liter of fuel will get you 15-22 kilometers. A full gas tank will allow you to travel approximately 600 kilometers.

Honda Vezel showroom price in Bangladesh

You can buy your desired Honda Vezel cars with more or less 25 to 52 lacks BDT. It is quite a reasonable price compared to the other SUV car. This car offers the most incredible features that other vehicles cannot provide at such a price.  

Honda Vezel 2017 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelX HONDA SENSING25.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelZ HONDA SENSING26.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelRS HONDA SENSING27.5 Lakh

Honda Vezel 2018 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelX HONDA SENSING29 Lakh
Honda-VezelZ HONDA SENSING30.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelRS HONDA SENSING32 Lakh

Honda Vezel 2019 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelX HONDA SENSING31.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelZ HONDA SENSING33.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelRS HONDA SENSING35 Lakh

Honda Vezel 2020 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelX HONDA SENSING34.5 Lakh
Honda-VezelZ HONDA SENSING36 Lakh
Honda-VezelRS HONDA SENSING37.5 Lakh

New Honda Vezel 2021 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelE:HEV X45 Lakh
Honda-VezelE:HEV Z48 Lakh
Honda-VezelE:HEV PLAY51 Lakh

New Honda Vezel 2022 price in Bangladesh

MakePackagePrice Range
Honda-VezelE:HEV X46 Lakh
Honda-VezelE:HEV Z49 Lakh
Honda-VezelE:HEV PLAY52 Lakh

You will also have excellent after-sale services and a wide range of authentic Honda accessories. Check Latest Honda Grace Price List In Bangladesh.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

The Honda Vezel hybrid technology is becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi car enthusiasts frequently prefer this vehicle over others due to its appealing features.

You cannot purchase a brand new Honda Vezel other than a reconditioned one from Bangladesh. In this country, your reconditioned car will be considered a new one. The best part is that you can still enjoy your Vezel while saving money.

You can buy your Honda Vezel from Our Showroom at an estimated price of 25 to 41 lacks BDT in Bangladesh.  As the official Honda dealer, they will also provide you with sales center support. You can find various genuine Honda spare parts, lubricants, and other accessories in their store.

Brand New Honda Vezel Black Edition 2022

Honda Vezel hybrid issues

You may sometimes experience clutch issues in your Honda Vezel hybrid’s fuel system. It frequently occurs when you drive your car in sports mode on a busy road. What happens if you go to your vehicle in these conditions? Your engine will continue to run, and your clutch system will become hot. Honda uses a four-type fluid called dual clutch oil to keep this system cool. I noticed that it is very thick and can vaporize at high temperatures. So, if you drive a lot in heavy Bangladeshi traffic (2000-2500km max in our weather conditions) in sports mode, your clutch oil will deplete to the point where your car will display an error message.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should first let your car cool down for an hour. The second thing you should do is go to a service center and have your clutch oil changed as soon as possible. It will only cost you 800 to 1000 BDT. Otherwise, replacing the entire unit will be prohibitively expensive.


Is the Honda Vezel a good car?

You’ll like this car more than it sounds. It will provide you with plenty of interior space, like an Urban SUV with a Honda Jazz vibe. You can fold its magical seats like theater seats.

Honda claims its Sport Hybrid i-DCD system will provide the same power as a 2-liter gasoline engine. On the other hand, it will generate significant sedan-level noise.

Is Honda HR-V and Vezel the same?

You may find Honda Vezel and HR-V identical twins because of their similarities. Yes, they are both made in Japan. Vezel is aimed at the Japanese market, while HR-V is aimed at the United States and Europe. However, if you dive deep enough, you will find identical differences.

There may be differences in their head units, ranging from basic to fancy options. Vezel, on the other hand, will reduce your chances of injury in the event of an accident because it has eight very high-quality airbags. In the meantime, your HR-V will have 2 to 6 (maximum) airbags.

Your Honda Vezel will have a larger boot space than the HR-V. Aside from that, their transmission and suspension setups are slightly different.

Final Words

Honda is the most dependable brand for car enthusiasts in Bangladesh. When you purchase a reconditioned Vezel in Bangladesh, it is treated as if it were new. With their after-sales services, DHS Motors offers a very reasonable Honda Vezel price in Bangladesh. You will also receive authentic Hoda vehicle care products, lubricants, parts, and accessories.

If you are willing to spend at least 21 lacks BDT, you can own a new reconditioned Honda Vezel in Bangladesh. You will have this lovely vehicle to express your distinct personality at this low price. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your desired Honda Vezel right now.

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