Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh

Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide

ADDED: January 31, 2024

Are you looking for the best deals on engine oil prices in Bangladesh? It can be a difficult task to navigate different types of engine oil costs. But no need to worry. We are here to help you find out the price of engine oils at a reasonable price in Bangladesh.

There are different types of engine oils available on the market in Bangladesh. Like: Mobile, Motul, Shell, Castrol, etc. The price of the best engine oil in Bangladesh started at 450 Tk BDT. You can afford it easily.

Here, we have discussed engine oil prices in Bangladesh. In this article, you will learn about the engine oil that will both fit comfortably into your budget and maximize the performance of your engine.

The Best Engine Oil in Bangladesh

You have to choose the best engine oils based on your vehicle and driving habits. It is one of the necessary factors that depends on different factors. Like: vehicle types, engine specifications, and budget. Here are some of the best engine oil brands we present.

Different Types of Engine Oil in BD:


        Mobil provides a wide range of high-quality oils for different vehicles. It is a popular engine oil around the world.


        This brand comes up with "clinging molecules" technology. Castrol Magnatec is a popular option for the car's engine.


        It is an engine oil that is value for money. It offers synthetic and semi-synthetic oils.


        It is an advanced, renowned choice for motorcycles. But Shell Helix covers the car’s engine smoothly.


        For racing vehicles, Motul offers high-performance synthetic oils like 300V and 8100 X-cess.

        Car Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh

        Engine oil prices can vary depending on brands, viscosity, quantity, and different types (mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic).

        1. Mineral oil price in Bangladesh

        1 Liters 500-700 BDT
        4 liters 1800-2500 BDT

        1. Semi-synthetic oil price in Bangladesh

        1 Liters 650-850 BDT (10W-50)
        4 liters 2400-3200 BDT

        1. Synthetic oil prices in Bangladesh

        1 Liters 1400-2000 BDT (10w-30)
        4 liters 5000-6000 BDT

        These prices are just approximate prices for engine oils. This can be changed depending on the brands of the engine oils.

        Toyota Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh

        Recently, Toyota has developed the Toyota Motor Oil 5W-30 SP, especially for Toyota vehicles. The regular price of Toyota oil for a 5w-30 SP, 4L engine is 3400 BDT.

        On the other hand, you’ll get a Toyota 10W-30, 4L, for 3600 BDT.

        Synthetic Engine Oil Prices in Bangladesh

        The actual price of synthetic car engine oil can depend on brand, viscosity, and market location in Bangladesh. Here are the estimated prices of some specific synthetic oils in Bangladesh:

        • Mobil (1) 5W-30 (4 liters): BDT 5,850
        • Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 (4 liters): BDT 6,000
        • Valvoline SynPower 5W-30 (4 liters): BDT 5,200
        • Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 (4 liters): BDT 6,200
        • Motul 300V 5W-40 (4 liters): BDT 8,000 (high-performance option)

        As a buyer, keep in mind that your location can also vary depending on the engine oil price in BD.

        Lubricant Oil Price in Bangladesh

        Here is the approximate price range of lubricant oil prices for different types of engine oil.

        • Mineral oil (1 liter): 300-500 BDT
        • Mineral oil (4 liters): 1,200-2,000 BDT
        • Semi-synthetic oil (1 liter): 500-700 BDT
        • Semi-synthetic oil (4 liters):2,000-3,000 BDT
        • Fully synthetic oil (1 liter): 1,000-1,500 BDT
        • Fully synthetic oil (4 liters): 4,000-6,000 BDT

        You can choose the best engine oil by choosing the best brand near your location.

        Motul Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh

        Motul engine oil is one of the high-quality branded engine oils in Bangladesh. It can be the best-branded oil for the engine of your vehicle. There are 3 types of motul engine oil.

        • Mineral: The price of Motul mineral oil is around 500-600 BDT per liter.
        • Semi-synthetic:  Motul provides you with some popular semi-synthetic options like 3000 4T Plus, with prices around BDT 600-650 per liter.
        • Synthetic: Depending on viscosity and specific series, the price range of synthetic Motul engine oils starts at BDT 1,000-2,000 per liter.

        Some specific examples of Motul engine oil prices in Bangladesh:

        Motul 3000 4T Plus 10W-40 (semi-synthetic, 1 liter): 640  BDT
        Motul 7100 10W-40 (full synthetic, 1 liter): 1,075  BDT  
        Motul 300V 5W-40 (high-performance synthetic, 1 liter): 1,900  BDT  

        10w-30 Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh

        You can find popular brands like Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, Shell, and Motul have different price points within each oil type. You can also find less well-known brands that provide more affordable options.

        Prices for 4 liters of 10W-30 oil can range, as you’ll find in:

        • Mineral: 1,200-2,000  BDT
        • Semi-synthetic: 2,000-3,000  BDT
        • Fully synthetic: 4,000-6,000  BDT

        Your location may have an impact when you go to buy engine oil in Bangladesh.

        The price of Mobil in Bangladesh can depend on many factors, like:

        1. Mineral: starts from 500 BDT per liter
        2. Semi-synthetic: semi-synthetic advance starts from 650 BDT per liter
        3. Synthetic: Mobil 1 is their premier synthetic line, costing nearly 1400-2000 BDT per liter

        Engine Oil 5w-30

        5W-30 oil can be a good choice for most cars in temperate climates. It will protect against wear and tear on your car’s engine. 5w-30 engine oil can help improve your car’s fuel economy.

        But you have to remember that, it is not suitable for extreme temperatures. It may not be suited for high-performing engines.


        1. Which Brand is Best for Engine Oil?

        Answer:  Mobil is the best engine oil in the world.

        Hope that this article will help you find the best engine oil in Bangladesh. For more information, read this article on how to pick up engine oil for your vehicle, be with us. Happy Learning!