Nissan X Trail Price in Bangladesh

Nissan X Trail Price in Bangladesh: An SUV for Your Family, Business, and Adventure

ADDED: January 17, 2024

Are you looking for an SUV in Bangladesh perfect for your family, business, and adventure? Then, Bingo! I present the Nissan X Trail price in Bangladesh here for your consideration. The X Trail has everything you need, from design to seating and engine efficiency.

If you observe, Nissan X-Trail is a popular vehicle in Bangladesh. This vehicle is comfortable, efficient, and well-equipped. Moreover, it offers good fuel economy, making it a better choice for long trips. Now, you can guess why the Nissan X Trail price in BD varies from one another. It varies depending on different features and upgrades. So let’s explore and find out the best-priced X Trail suited for you.

Nissan X Trail Price in Bangladesh By Year (2018-2023)

Model Year Package Current Price In BD
Nissan X Trail 2018 20Xi 39 Lakh
Nissan X Trail 2019 20Xi 43 Lakh
Nissan X Trail 2020 20Xi 48 Lakh
Nissan X Trail 2021 20Xi 52 Lakh
Nissan X Trail 2022 20Xi 58 Lakh
Nissan X Trail 2023 20Xi 60 Lakh

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Nissan X Trail Hybrid Price in Bangladesh

Recently, every car lover has been looking for the hybrid version of their desired car. The Nissan X Trail won’t disappoint you in this matter. So, do you want a vehicle and also care about the environment and trends? Then, Nissan launched a hybrid version of its X Trail for you.

You will have a 2000 cc 2.0 L, 4-cylinder hybrid engine with Nissan X Trail Hybrid, and you can use Petrol as fuel. It produces 106 KW or 142 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque. This power is enough for your 5-seated SUV to take over any terrain in Bangladesh. You can associate this power with a CVTA transmission system.

Tensed about mileage? The X Trail gives you a mileage of 13-15 Km/L and has a fuel tank of 60L capacity with an All-Wheel Drive option. Besides, this car provides you with 135L of Legroom and 565L of total cargo space.

One unit of this fantastic hybrid car can be yours in Bangladesh at 50 Lakhs BDT.

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Nissan x-Trail Available Color In Bangladesh

Brand New Nissan X Trail Price in Bangladesh

Nissan’s X-Trail is a comfortable, multi-purpose SUV in the Bangladeshi car market. If you value your money, the Nissan X-Trail is a perfect choice for you. You will have a stylish-looking car with reliable performance.

Unfortunately, your desired brand-new Nissan X Trail Jeep price BD is unavailable now. So instead, you will have to opt for a reconditioned one. They will start at 48 Lakhs BDT and go up to 97 Lakhs BDT for the best-of-the-line model.

The Nissan car price in Bangladesh will start from 60 Lakhs BDT for the model 2014. The price for the new model 2015 has yet to be announced in Bangladesh. Yet, the estimated cost of the new model 2015 Nissan X-Trail will be around 75 Lakhs BDT.

Nissan X Trail 7/5 Seater Price in Bangladesh

How many seats do you want in your Nissan X Trail? Nissan allows you to choose from the two seating options available in X Trail. Depending on your needs and demands, you can either choose the 5 seats or the 7 seats version. The table below shows you the trims or versions having different seating options. It will also include their current prices in Bangladesh.

Brand Model Trim/Version Price (BDT)
Nissan X Trail Regular 50 Lakhs
Nissan X Trail S 4WD (7 Seater) 51 Lakhs
Nissan X Trail SV 4WD (7 Seater) 50Lakhs
Nissan X Trail SL 4WD (7 Seater) 55 Lakhs
Nissan X Trail S 2WD (7 Seater) 50 Lakhs
Nissan X Trail S 2WD (5 Seater) 48 Lakhs
Nissan X Trail S 4WD (5 Seater) 50 Lakhs

X Trail Mode Premier Autech Price in Bangladesh

Do you want a signature X Trail from Nissan? To do so, they launched its X Trail Mode Premier Autech for you in 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their SUV section. This X Trail is like other ones in comparison to features and facilities.

This model has a hybrid engine, a 4 WD option, five seats, and a 360-degree camera. Also, you will have a body sensor, power mirrors, and windows to have a safe drive. You will also have a mini fridge, power seats, and many safety and standard features to discover.

This Nissan X Trail Mode Premier Autech price in Bangladesh may cost you around 48 Lakhs to 52 Lakhs BDT.

X Trail Used/Reconditioned Car Price in Bangladesh

Are you facing a budget problem? No need to worry. In Bangladesh, a reconditioned or a used car is also a new car for low-budget customers.

Most Japanese cars you see on Bangladeshi roads are not the latest version. Because you will not find any latest versions in this country. As a result, people usually go for the reconditioned ones without hesitation.

For a reconditioned X Trail, you must spend at least 40 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs BDT. It will depend on the condition of the car you are considering.

As for a used one, if you are lucky enough, you may get one at 20 Lakhs BDT only.

Nissan X Trail Sunroof Price In Bangladesh

Nissan X Trail Sunroof Price in Bangladesh

Do you like the sunroof in your car? Sunroofs generally increase a car’s beauty. In the daytime, it will give more light to your vehicle. When it is a moonlit night, it will give you a superb view of the moon.

But, all models of X Trail don’t have a sunroof in them. Yet, X Trail G and X Trail TI have the facility of a sunroof.

Unfortunately, at this moment, X Trail TI is not available in Bangladesh. Moreover, the X Trail G is a bit old model from 2012.

One piece of Nissan X Trail sunroof price in Bangladesh may be around 25 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs BDT.

Nissan X Trail Interior

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nissan X-Trail

Every car has its strong and weak points. Unfortunately, Nissan X-Trail is also not exceptional in that. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages to consider before purchasing.

What you will like about the Nissan X Trail

What you may not like about the Nissan X Trail

Performance 70%
Comfort 80%
Interior 85%
Features & Technology 90%


You may have got most of the required information to select your X Trail. Here I gather some frequently asked questions over the internet about Nissan X Trail. Let’s find out those answers.

How Much is the Nissan X-Trail in Bangladesh?

Did you read the points discussed above? Then you already know Nissan X Trail prices in Bangladesh vary for different reasons.

If you go for the available regular one, you will have to spend around 60 Lakhs BDT. While considering the Hybrid one may cost you about 50 Lakhs BDT.

Again, if you opt for a Reconditioned or a used one, the price may start from 20 Lakhs BDT. It can rise to 50 Lakhs BDT depending on the condition of the X Trail you want to buy.

Is X-Trail 5 or 7-seater?

The Nissan X-Trail in 2022 is from the 4th generation. It is not present in the Bangladeshi car market now. But, they are available in Japan in 6 different trims with 5/7 seat options. From them, you can choose your suitable one when available. They are:

  • S 2WD 5-Seater
  • S 2WD 7-Seater
  • S 4WD 5-Seater
  • S 4WD 7-Seater
  • SV 4WD 7-Seater
  • SL 4WD 7-Seater

Is Nissan X-Trail hybrid?

No, exactly. But don’t be disheartened. Nissan has a dedicated Hybrid version for you to consider.

Is Nissan X-Trail ST Petrol or Diesel?

Your regular Nissan X Trail will come with a 1997/2000 cc 2.0 L, 4-cylinder Diesel engine. But, it would help if you choose between Diesel and Petrol to use as fuel for your X Trail. In the Hybrid version, you will use Petrol as the power source for your Petrol-electric X Trail.


Thank you for reading all this far. By now, you may have all the information needed about the Nissan X trail price in Bangladesh. The Hybrid version of this car is a good choice for those who want a greener alternative.

In Bangladesh, you can get your hand on one piece of Nissan X Trail starting from 20 Lakhs BDT to 95 Lakhs BDT. Of course, it may depend on features, options, old or new, production year, and the dealer where you choose to buy.

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