Mitsubishi Lancer Price in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Lancer Price in Bangladesh – Must Know Before You Buy

ADDED: November 08, 2023

Looking for a low-cost and authentic vehicle in Bangladesh? Then you are at the right place. Your exploration concludes here with the Mitsubishi Lancer. In this article, we are here to inform you about details information of Mitsubishi Lancer price in Bangladesh.

If you are looking for a simply great deal you need to understand the Mitsubishi Lancer price in Bangladesh. It is the first step towards making a self-propelled decision. Let’s take a look at the pricing and facilities available to you in this thriving industry sector.

Mitsubishi Lancer Review:

Mitsubishi Lancer Price in Bangladesh-CartheoryBD

Mitsubishi Lancer is a good option to consider which is famous for its fuel efficiency, sports handling, and comfortable riding. Before you buy a Mitsubishi Lancer, you need to consider some points about its features. Includes:

  • It offers you two types of engines. Like, A 1.5L four-cylinder and a 1.8L four-cylinder. The 1.8L engine is best which provides more power and torque. You can drive it smoothly for its amazing well-weighted steering functions.
  • It provides some improving safety features such as dual airbags and ABS Brakes which ensures a safe ride for you.
  • Inside the car, you will find it with a manual air-conditioning system, a four-speaker audio system, and a fabric-shining interior. It is designed with digital features such as an automatic climate-controlling system and a touchscreen system.
  • It comes with an amazing exterior design. It combines with a sporty design. That’s why, You will enjoy your ride with its shiny looks.

Whether you are a budget-conscious buyer, no need to think about money. Price starts at BDT 28 lakhs only.

Pros Of Mitsubishi Car In Bangladesh

Cons Of Mitsubishi Car In Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Lancer Car Price in BD: 

Whether you are a budget-conscious buyer, no need to think about money. Price starts at BDT 28 lakhs only.

Mitsubishi Lancer Price In Bangladesh 

Model Year Package Current Price In BD

Lancer EX price in BD:

If you are hunting for a reliable sedan in Bangladesh, then the Mitsubishi Lancer Ex is one of the best options for you.

Eye Catching features:

  • Lancer Ex comes up with some premium features like:
  • Power steering, Power windows front, Fog-lights front
  • Fully Air-conditioned, wheel covers
  • Top speed 175km/hr, 50L fuel tank capacity.
  • CD player, speakers font, speakers rare
  • With plenty of legroom and headroom both for the front and rear passengers.

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Mitsubishi Lancer EX price in Bangladesh:

The Mitsubishi Lancer ex price in Bangladesh is about 28,24,000 Tk. It competes with a famous company named Renault Symbol and Honda City.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X price in Bangladesh:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo x is especially renowned for its amazing cutting-edge features. You can enjoy your ride with another level of enthusiasm with it.

Eye-Catching features:

  • It is designed with many significant features. Like:
  • 1.5L Engines
  • Intercooler upfront
  • 18-inch BBS alloyed windows
  • 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission
  • Faster than the manual GSR counterparts.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo price in Bangladesh:

The Price of Mitsubishi Lancer evo x in Bangladesh is “———-” Tk. One can easily afford it.

Mitsubishi Lancer GLX Price in Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi automobile consumers frequently choose the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX. Because, of its reasonable price, dependable performance, and fuel efficiency. It has enough for five adults to sit comfortably. You’ll also get it amazing as it has a large quantity of cargo capacity.

Eye-catching features:

  • It assures the best quality with some significant features. Here are some of them:
  • It is available both in petrol and diesel, 1300cc engine capacity
  • Auto transmission option (5-speed manual transmission)
  • Fuel-efficient, Fully air-conditioned interior
  • Shiny and sporty exterior look with 5 doors, fog light on heading
  • Power window, power steering
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS)


The price of Mitsubishi Lancer GLX is decided by the model year, Mileage, and performance of the vehicle. The Average price of the Mitsubishi Lancer is nearly BDT 6,50,000 to BDT 9,20,000 on September 2023.

Mitsubishi Lancer Reliability:

Why Choose the Mitsubishi Lancer car?

When you decide to buy a vehicle you need to be careful about the reliability of the car. It is a must to choose the right car that matches your choice.

  • Maintenance: From the previous performance Mitsubishi Lancer car, has a vast reputation for its ease of maintenance.  It can last between 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 miles with proper routine maintenance. So, You can trust its reliability for safe driving.
  • Reliability Rating:  According to the rating of Repair Pal 2023, Mitsubishi ranks 29th out of 36 for compact cars. It has achieved a 3.5 reliability rating out of 5.

  • Easy transmission: You’ll Love the transmission features of the Mitsubishi Lancer. You can manually transfer it’s speed 5x faster.

  • Electrical and Technology: It Combines amazing technology features. It provides an ABS. It will help you to enjoy your drive with satisfaction.

So, I think it is one of the best choices for car lovers. But China has remade the Mitsubishi Lancer in its new avatar more info.

Mitsubishi Lancer Common Problems and Solutions:

Before buying a Mitsubishi Lancer you should check its year, model, and maintenance. Otherwise, it may create problems for your riding.

Here we have discussed some common problems of Mitsubishi lancers and their solutions.

  1. Engine cooling Issues: You may face engine cooling issues for some old model lancers. Some lancer models have had this type of problem. It happens for some issues like a faulty thermostat, a clogged radiator, or a leak in the cooling system.

If you notice that, the lancer’s engine is overheating pull over the engine as soon as possible. Let it cool down. Then you can take it to a mechanic to fix the issue

  • Auto transmission overheating: Lancer’s automatic overheating is another common problem. Your lancer transmission can be overheated by a faulty torque converter or a clogged transmission filter.

If you notice these types of issues then you have to take the lancer to a professional mechanic.

  • Electrical issues: For faulty wiring, and blown fuses you may face some electrical issues with the lancers. The problem with the battery is also one of them. You should be careful and be aware of this problem.

If you discover this type of problem then you should fix it earlier. Otherwise, it may hamper your safety issues.

To prevent this kind of problem, it is important to do routine maintenance on your lancer.

Mitsubishi Car price in Bangladesh:

The price range of the Mitsubishi car starts from 19,50,000 BDT. The high model’s price is about BDT 48,50,000.

Which Mitsubishi Lancer Years to Avoid?

The Mitsubishi Lancer has been reliable for many years. But keep in mind, that experts have discovered some problems with some models of Mitsubishi lancers. The models include:

  •  Mitsubishi Lancer model 2008
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Model 2009
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Model 2010
  •  Mitsubishi Lancer Model 2012
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Model 2015
  •  Mitsubishi Lancer Model 2017

Difference Between Mitsubishi Evo and Lancer:

Though Mitsubishi Evo and Mitsubishi Lancer are from the same platform. But I’ve noticed some differences between these two car types.

  • Engine: The Mitsubishi Lancer is naturally aspirated with a 4-cylinder engine. On the other hand, the Lancer Evo is amazing and designed with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

  • Brakes: The Lancer is designed with Smaller brakes with disc brakes. It is located on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear wheels. But the Lancer Evo comes up with Larger brakes that are enriched with disc brakes on all four wheels.

  • Performance and safety: The Lancer is a sedan for daily communication. It lacks digital features. So, It may not assure your safety.

But, the Lancer Evo combines smart features like AWD. You can enjoy safe driving. As it provides quick acceleration and a sharp handling system.

  • Pricing: The Mitsubishi Lancer is a budget-friendly practical compact car.

But the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is of the higher duo. As it combines with high-quality features.

Keep this point in mind before choosing the Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evo.


Which Lancer model is best?

Answer: Ninth generation (2008-2012) lancer models are the best of all times.

Is Lancer a good car?

Answer: Yes. Lancer is a good car for its reliability.

Is Lancer EX and Lancer Evo the same?

Answer: No. These cars are from the same platform. But both of the cars have different functions, features, AWD vs FWD, etc.

Why is Mitsubishi Lancer so famous?

Answer: The Mitsubishi Lancers are mostly famous for their amazing features and reliability.

Hope that this article will help you to choose the right car that you dreamed of.

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