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Toyota Hiace Super GL 2019: That You Must Know

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Are you ready to enjoy your ultimate enchanting Journey through the world of the Automotive car industry? Then Get ready to discover a thrilling journey with Hiace Super GL 2019. the starting price of Hiace Super GL 2019 is 36 Lacks and It has amazing features, Exceptional performances, and gorgeous comfort. As a car lover, you would like it.

If You are a passionate car lover, seeking an ideal vehicle for your transportation needs, Hiace Super GL can be the best choice for you. In this extensive review, We’ll let you know about the showcasing and secrets of the Hiace Super GL car. Let’s dive into the discussion. You would like to read the latest hiace car prices in Bangladesh.

Hiace Super GL: The Ultimate comfort and performance

Why did you choose Hiace Super GL?

Seating Capacity of Hiace Super GL:

Hiace Super GL can be a great choice for you If you are looking for a car with huge members capacity. It combines with 14 people-seat capacity. You can go out with your family members, and friends or use it as a picnic transport van. It is extensive, very cozy, and reliable. So, it is a great choice for a large passenger van.

Hiace super GL interior:

  • You’ll find the interior of Hiace Super GL fully accomplished. It is designed with High-quality materials and a modern featured dashboard. You can fold down the seats of the second and third rows into a cargo.
  • You’ll also get the interior designed with a touchscreen entertainment system. It is easy to use. You can get refreshed on the long journey.
  • Safety is a must for the road trip. It provides multiple air bugs and an advanced driving assistance system, that ensures your safety.

Toyota Hiace super GL specification:

If you are looking for a van for business transportation, the Toyota Hiace Super GL is one of the best options.  It is affordable and reliable enough. Here are some specifications of the Toyota Hiace Super GL :

  • Torque: 300 NM
  • Fuel capacity: 12.4 L/ 100 km (combined)
  • Working Horsepower: 151 hp
  • Speed Transmission: 6-speed automatic
  • Seating Capacity: 12 people
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 4,695 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,980 mm

It comes up with varieties of features. Include:

  • Well-air conditioned
  • Amazing power-windows and power-steering
  • ABS and EBD system
  • Rearview cameras.

Overall, the Toyota Hiace Super GL is a great choice for buyers.

Toyota Hiace super GL Engine:

The 2.8L turbo diesel and four-cylinder engine in the Hiace Super GL offers plenty of power. It produces 151 hp. The fuel economy is outstanding for a van of this size. Also, the 6-speed automatic transmission makes driving simple in any traffic situation.
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Toyota Hiace Super GL mod:

Toyota has been manufacturing the Toyota Hiace Super GL van since 1967. It comes in several configurations. Such as passenger vans, cargo vans, and minibusses. People like it for its fuel economy, dependability, and longevity. You can afford it at a reasonable price.

Toyota Hiace Super GL New Model:

Toyota Hiace Super has come up with a new version. It is designed with more amazing features than before. You will love its reliability. You’ll enjoy your driving experience with its new safety features. There remain many models of Hiace super GL in the automotive industry. Like: the Hiace Super Grandia, the Toyota Hiace Super Model starts from (2013-2017).

Why did You Choose Hiace Super GL?

I think the Hiace Super GL van is mostly famous for its reliability, performance, and safety features. With its amazing interior and stylish exterior design you’ll find it comfortable enough for you.

It can be rated 4.5 out of 5 in its overall performance. And I shall recommend you buy this car.


  1. What is the difference between HiAce and Super GL?

Answer: Normal Hiace and super GL are different mostly by their features and models.

I hope that this article will help you to get enough information about Hiace Super GL. Please read this article and Keep alert with us about the updated information. Happy car shopping!


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